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Keep cool with home air conditioning

Air Conditioning Service, Repair & Installation

Let's Heat is one of the top UK’s leading air conditioning companies. We are both experienced and skilled in maintaining and supporting your air conditioning system. We have a vast network of engineers who provide all types of air conditioning repair and services nationwide.
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Split Air Conditioning
Air to Water Heat Pump

Upgrade your heating system today

Say goodbye to traditional boilers or the inconvenience of oil, and say hello to a more efficient way to heat your home.Heat pumps provide year-round comfort with less maintenance than traditional systems and are much more energy efficient compared to conventional heating methods.
Hybrid Heat Pump

Upgrade your existing gas boiler with an energy-efficient hybrid heat pump

E-Tec Hybrid is a packaged heat pump solution that offers a great way to take a step into renewable heating without losing the reliability offered by the tried-and-tested gas boiler.
Air to Air Heat Pump

Keep cool with home air conditioning

Get air conditioning installed in your home as soon as tomorrow.0% VAT on Air Conditioning systems and installation, installation in 48 Hours.
Ground Source Heat Pump

Green Heating - Clean & combustion free

Incredibly efficient, a GSHP transfers around four times more energy into the property as heat than it uses to extract it from the ground.Well-suited to properties on larger plotsComing Soon!

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Install air conditioning in your home or business, from £1,400.We have teams of certified professionals with years of experience in installing air conditioners for residential and commercial properties 

0% VAT on Air Conditioning systems and installation

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Split Air Conditioning

Domestic and Commercial Air Conditioning.

Let's Heat provides both domestic and commercial air conditioning services that are unmatched. Whether you have a small or a large business or organisation, we can help you establish the appropriate environment. We are fully certified and accredited to carry out different installation, repair and maintenance of leading brands.

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