Boiler finance

Pay monthly for your new boiler. No deposit and interest free.

Getting a new boiler can be a big investment. Paying for it in one single large payment can leave a huge impact on your budget. However, this is something that you don’t have to worry about. Nowadays, you can pay monthly for your brand new boiler with 0% interest and no deposit needed.

A boiler replacement can cost a huge amount of money. It can cost you between £1,500 to £3,000. It’s perfectly understandable if you don’t have that amount on hand right now.

But worry not! You can easily get a monthly plan to pay for your new boiler. This plan will enable you to spread the cost over a period of time that is suitable for your budget. You can pay for it in 2 years, 5 years or even in a decade. The choice is yours. And here lies the beauty of boiler finance.

Pay Monthly Boiler Schemes

Pay monthly boiler schemes enable you to break down the cost of your new boiler and its installation cost as well. Every month you would pay a manageable sum of money of your choice.

A monthly payment scheme is gaining popularity fast. Nowadays, it is the norm to use boiler finance in the form of a monthly payment scheme to pay for your newly-purchased boiler.

Competition among the boiler financing sectors has been on the rise. Big banks, prime lenders and even sub-prime lenders offer some very competitive boilers on finance options for those with poor credit. This is great news for customers.

How does paying monthly for your new boiler work?

To help you understand the whole process clearly, we prepared an overview of some of the most frequently asked questions. The aim of this overview is to make boiler finance easier to understand and use by costumers.

1. Is a credit cheque needed?

Some people want to know if it is ok to get a boiler on finance or a repayment plan for a new boiler installation without completing a standard credit check.

That is, however, is not possible. A standard credit check is needed by boiler finance and pay monthly lenders.

2. Can I get a boiler on finance with bad credit?

Having a bad credit history will not necessarily disqualify you from getting a finance plan. Pass rates for boilers on finance are high if you don’t have any recent CCJs or IVAs in the last 5 years.

Sub-prime lenders often help those with poor credit history. But they would charge a much higher APR % rate due to the risks involved.

3. Will I have to make a new boiler finance deposit?

It’s all up to you. You can choose to pay nothing or pay 50% of the loan amount. It must be stated that a minimum loan of £1,000 is needed.

A large deposit of 50% can reduce your monthly repayments, cutting the cost down to a trivial £10 a month.

With that in mind, choosing a monthly payment plan probably means that you don’t have a large sum of money on hand. And that’s the whole point for the paying monthly scheme.

4. The term periods of a new boiler on finance repayment

To begin with, the repayment terms for new boilers on finance are very flexible indeed.

Paying for your new boiler in a decade (10 years) will make your monthly payments lower.

A 3 year payment plan will, without a doubt, make your monthly payments higher.

Of course, the longer the term, the more interest you pay.

The average amount you pay, for your monthly boiler finance plan, is around £17-20 per month.

Summary: the pay monthly boiler finance

How does Interest-free boiler finance (0% APR) work?

You can easily get 0% interest-free boilers with payment terms of 12 months from most boiler companies and boiler financing providers.

Boiler finance provided by a bank or a lender will ensure that you won’t pay a penny of interest over a set term. Here is how it works. The boiler company pays a subsidy to the bank. And that’s how they are able to make their money.

In short, the price of your boiler wouldn’t increase because of interest, and there are no additional charges or fees. So you will only pay the agreed-upon monthly payments and the installation cost without extra fees.

If you want to know more about our free-interest plan, feel free to contact us.

Summary: interest-free boiler finance

Does boiler financing cover the cost of installation?

Of course, it does. The cost of the installation can be included in your monthly plan.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about financing the installation cost. We will remove your old boiler, get you a new one and install it. And all the installation fees will be part of your monthly payment plan.

Who can apply for boiler financing?

If you are over the age of 18, then you can easily apply for a new boiler pay monthly plan.

Besides the minimum age for boiler finance applications, there is a maximum age as well. Boiler finance lenders have a policy that won’t allow you to exceed 85 by the end of your finance agreement.

Being a UK resident for at least 3 years is also important for your application. What is equally important is having some way of earning your living. You will be approved if you are employed, on benefits or have an allowance.

If you are planning to apply for a finance plan, then you might need to provide some form of documentation. These might include:

What does a new boiler on finance include?

The Let’s Heat engineers are Gas Safe Registered. Along with your package, you will also receive the following extras:

Do I get the same quality for a boiler on finance?

Without a doubt, you will get the same quality for your boiler as if you have paid for it in cash. This is something you shouldn’t worry about in the first place.

How you choose to pay for your new boiler has nothing to do with the quality of the service and the boiler.

Needless to say that you will receive the same warranty protection for the same period and quality regardless of the brand you go with. This includes the Alpha boiler, the Worcester Bosch boiler or the Viessmann boiler.

How can boiler finance save me money?

If your boiler is old and its warranty has expired or it doesn’t work as well as newer models, then you will be most likely to benefit from getting a boiler on finance.

You will get a new, long warranty

When you get a new boiler, it will be covered by warranty. It can be as long as 10 years. So if you experience any problems or some of the components fail, the manufacturer will cover the repair cost. And in some cases they will provide you with a replacement.

If you keep your old boiler which is no longer covered by warranty and is likely to break down soon enough, you need to think of how much it will eventually cost you.

An old boiler is prone to break down soon enough since it is no longer covered by warranty. This might cost you more than you can imagine. Getting an engineer to fix your boiler and replacing some of the parts can cost you several hundred pounds.

The benefits of boiler on finance

High Energy Efficiency 

Newer boilers are a far cry more efficient than old boilers. They produce less heat and can utilise heat to the maximum. As a result, it will use less energy, help you reduce energy consumption and lastly, save you some money.

For instance, replacing an old G rated gas boiler with a newer A rated gas boiler can save you £315 a year on your heating bills.

That’s why a boiler on finance is a good investment. Just consider the amount of money it can save you.

Reasons to get your boiler on finance

In conclusion, here are some of the reasons as to why a boiler on finance is a good idea:

1. Your boiler is too old

Your current boiler is old and needs maintenance on regular basis. This can be very expensive and will cost you a considerable amount of money. So boiler financing makes sure that your maintenance bills remain low.

2. Your boiler is loud

Your old boiler can be loud and noisy. You can hear popping or hissing sounds. These odd noises can mean that your boiler has begun to wear out. Replacing your boiler will not only solve this problem but it will also provide you with better features. These might include better gas efficiency and more safety.

3. High gas bill

Old boilers usually cost a huge amount of money in gas bills. Since they could be inefficient, they can increase your gas bills. With newer technologies you don’t have to worry about these inefficiencies in modern boilers. Replacing your old boiler with the help of boiler financing will save you a lot of money.

4. Leaking problems

If your boiler has alarmed you about carbon monoxide levels or has leaked in the past, then it can be quite dangerous to your safety. In such a case, it is better to replace your boiler as soon as possible.

A new boiler can be expensive. That’s why boiler financing exist. You can get an interest-free boiler financing option to replace a boiler that is life-threatening.

5. Problems with the temperature

The temperature of hot water isn’t the same as before. When your boiler starts working poorly, you will experience fluctuations in hot water.

6. Strange smell

Pay attention to any strange smell. If your boiler smells strange when it’s on, this might be a sign for gas leak. This is a serious problem. You should call an emergency line at once. A gas leak can be a serious threat to your safety.

7. Too expensive to repair

It’s time to get a new boiler if your boiler repairs are getting too expensive for your budget. The older you boiler is, the more expensive a repair can be. Older parts for old boilers are hard to find. As a result, they can cost you a lot.

At some point, your boiler will be too expensive to repair. So you might as well get a new boiler with boiler finance.

What boiler to choose?

If you’re unsure about which brand of boiler to choose, then we’re here to help. We offer a variety of boilers and can help you get the one most suitable to your needs and budget.

We work with different kinds of boiler like the combi boiler, the system boiler and the regular boiler. So whichever heating system you go with, we can offer our help.

Simple steps for boiler finance

Here’s what needs to be done if you’re interested in getting a boiler finance plan:

1. Get an online quote

Firstly, you should get a payment plan that is personalised to your needs.

Your plan will be based on the reason you’re getting a new boiler, the space you have and your budget.

You can contact us directly to get a quote or more information.

2. Getting a survey

Once you get a quote for your boiler replacement, a technician will be sent to your home. He will make sure that the new boiler is suitable for your home.

In addition, he will also take a look at your old boiler and explain the whole replacement process.

3. Getting the perfect repayment plan

You can talk to our financial advisor who will guide you on what repayment plans are available if you want to.

If you choose to go with an interest-free plan or a flexible payment plan, there are many options to choose from.

4. Installing your boiler

Once everything is taken care of, we can move on to installing your boiler to the highest standards.

Hiring a good system boiler installer

Without a doubt, you would want to hire the best system boiler installer out there. You should always look for a Gas Safe registered engineer for gas fired boilers. And an OFTEC technician for the installation of oil boilers.

Energy regulations

Over the last few years, the UK has passed some guidelines for boiler installation and energy efficiency:

So why Let’s Heat?

A. Let’s Heat Are Quality & Accredited Boiler Installers

Firstly, Let’s Heat professional engineers and emergency plumbers provide a professional and reliable plumbing and heating service. Accordingly, that includes Boiler Installation in Cardiff and the surrounding CF postcode area in South Wales.

Secondly, our boiler installation and repair team is fully qualified and ensured to the highest standards. As can be seen, we take pride in producing exemplary work standards which include completing all boiler installation needs. 

Thirdly, the Let’s Heat team are high-quality professional engineers who have a high 4.9 out of 5 Trustpilot score by our previous happy customers. We are fully accredited by Gas Safe and Corgi registered, as well as FCA approved for all of our financial transactions. 

Lastly, all of our staff at Let’s Heat are experts in their field and have many years of experience. Above all, we have work on a wide selection of emergency plumbing, heating solutions and services throughout Cardiff, the rest of Wales & the UK.

B. Because we care

Are you still a little confused about where to start or who to use?

Our easy-to-use online questionnaire will help you with what you need to know. In short, we make sure that you have the correct solution for your needs. We will also ensure that you are completely happy with the solution.

Finance for your boiler installation!

Buying a new boiler and having a boiler installation is an investment. However, it can be expensive, especially paying for it all in one hit. You can get the job done on a finance package that is FCA-approved if you don’t have enough money on hand.

We can also offer a number of split payment options for you to consider.

Can I get the next-day boiler installation?

Yes, you can get next-day boiler installation with Let’s Heat. If you order your boiler before 12 pm during the colder months, and 2 pm in the warmer months.

This is next-day boiler fitting nationwide in England, Wales and Scotland. So you do not have to be without heating for long, even in the depths of winter.

Not many boiler companies can fit a boiler at such short notice nationwide. If you need a boiler, get a quote from us as soon as possible.

Why else?

You can research your boiler installation needs and buy your new boiler and the boiler installation online without leaving the house.

If you need a new boiler, reach out to our experienced Boiler engineers team for more information.

We install boilers nationwide and include next-day installation (on orders placed before 12/2 pm in all seasons).

In conclusion, Let’s Heat plumbers are experts in all aspects of boiler installation and repair. If you have any further questions, feel free to take a look at our FAQs or contact us.

Areas covered by our Boiler Engineers:

The Let’s Heat boiler engineers cover all of Great Britain including Wales, England & Scotland.


Let’s Heat provide Boiler Installation throughout Wales, including South East Wales, South Wales, South West Wales, Mid Wales, East Wales, West Wales, and North Wales.

This includes the cities of Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, and all other towns and cities in Wales.


Let’s Heat provide Boiler Installation throughout England, including South West England, South East England, East Midlands, West Midlands, North West England, and North East England.

This includes the cities of London, Reading, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Gloucester, Swindon, Oxford, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Sunderland, and Middlesbrough, etc.

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