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    Updated: April 14, 2024

    Boiler Instllation Services

    If you’re in Barry and considering a new boiler or boiler installation, Let’s Heat offers hassle-free quotes. We specialize in installing combi, system, or regular boilers. Simply answer a few questions about your home to receive an instant online quote from Let’s Heat – no salesperson required. It takes just a few minutes and no personal information is needed.

    The Boiler Services We Provide in Barry:

    New Boiler Installation in Barry

    Looking for a new boiler can feel overwhelming, but Let’s Heat is here to simplify the process. Our comprehensive New Boiler Guide is designed to assist you in selecting the perfect boiler for your home. As a vital component of any modern household, your boiler ensures a steady supply of hot water for both your outlets and heating system.

    We understand the challenges of shopping for a new boiler – it can be complex and costly. However, with Let’s Heat, you can access all the essential information online, making the process straightforward. We aim to provide you with a summary of the key factors to consider, ensuring you make an informed decision and find the boiler that meets your exact needs.

    Boiler Installation in barry

    What is the cost of a new boiler in Barry?

    When considering the purchase of a new boiler, cost is often the first concern. While boilers can indeed be a significant investment, opting for a high-quality boiler is a worthwhile endeavor. Naturally, you’ll want your boiler to operate efficiently and provide reliable service for years to come.

    On average, the cost to replace a boiler ranges from £1,150 to £5,500. This estimate includes the price of the new boiler itself, typically ranging from £500 to £3,000, as well as the average installation cost, which falls between £650 and £2,500.

    The price for a new Boiler replacement can vary, depending on many crucial elements:

    • The type of boiler you want to install in your house (e.g. combi, system or regular)
    • Moving you boiler to a different location
    • The model you aim to buy (e.g. mid-range vs. premium)
    • Converting your current boiler with another type (e.g. system to combi)
    • The extras you get (e.g. filters, a controller or smart thermostats)

    Undoubtedly, replacing your existing combi boiler with another is more cost-effective than converting your system boiler to a combi. Boiler conversion necessitates additional time, labor, and materials, not to mention the complexity of the process.

    The choice of boiler model also significantly impacts the overall cost. At Let’s Heat, we proudly offer a selection of premier brands in the boiler industry, including Alpha, Worcester Bosch, and Viessmann.

    To accommodate our customers, Let’s Heat provides various payment options. Whether you prefer cash payment or opt for a boiler finance plan, allowing you to pay monthly, we strive to make the process convenient for you.

    As has been noted, a new Boiler replacement might not be that cheap. So it’s important to consider some key factors before making your final decision.

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    Boiler Installation in barry

    Some important factors to consider for a boiler replacement:

    The size of boiler you need (kW output)

    To clarify, the output rating of your boiler determines its power, with higher ratings indicating greater power. However, opting for the highest output rating isn’t always advisable, as it can lead to increased energy bills. Conversely, selecting a rating that is too low may not meet your heating demands. For personalized guidance, refer to our New Boiler Guide.

    Determining the appropriate output rating involves considering factors such as the number of bathrooms and radiators in your home. This information provides insight into the level of demand for both domestic hot water and central heating.

    For tailored advice, we recommend obtaining a quote from a Gas Safe registered engineer. Additionally, if you have a specific brand in mind, consult their website and guidelines. Many manufacturers offer valuable advice and resources on their websites to assist with your decision-making process.

    No. of bedrooms1 bath & shower2 baths & showers
    2-bedroom house26kW29kW
    3 -bedroom house29kW35kW
    4-bedroom house29kW35kW
    5-bedroom house35kW35kW

    To point out, small homes with one bathroom and little or no space for a cylinder should consider getting a combi boiler.

    Location of the new boiler

    Installing your new boiler in the same location as the old one will result in lower costs and a simpler installation process.

    However, if you choose to relocate your new boiler, expect additional expenses.

    Moving the boiler involves more labor and materials, including installing a new flue and rerouting pipework throughout your home. This process can be messy and disruptive.

    Energy efficiency

    To minimize your carbon footprint, save money, and maintain a cozy home, investing in an energy-efficient boiler is essential.

    Let’s Heat provides state-of-the-art A-rated boilers, which can be paired with smart thermostats to further reduce energy consumption.

    According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing your old boiler with an A-rated boiler and heating controls can save approximately £340 and 1,500kg of carbon dioxide annually.

    new boiler installation

    The duration of replacement boiler installations can vary depending on the complexity of the job.

    For instance, replacing a combi boiler with another combi boiler typically takes around one day.

    Conversely, converting a combi boiler to a system boiler, for example, may require approximately two days due to the added complexity of the task.

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    Boiler Installation in barry

    When should you replace your boiler?

    Generally speaking, boilers are estimated to last around a decade (10 years). So if your boiler is that old, it’s a good sign that it’s time to replace it. Read our New Boiler Guide.

    Additionally, there are other reasons as to why you should get a new boiler. These might be:

    1. Your boiler is old and inefficient

    Boilers that are more than 10 years old are G-rated. They have an efficiency rating of around 70%. As a result, for every £1 you spend, 30p is wholly wasted. Modern boilers, on the other hand, are 90% efficient.

    2. Your boiler is too expensive to repair

    In some cases, broken boilers are very costly to repair. Especially if you need to replace or repair parts like the PCB or the heat exchanger. In short, it might be more cost-effective for you to get a new boiler instead.

    3. Moving your boiler

    If you want to change the location of your boiler, then it makes sense to get a new boiler installed with a brand new warranty.

    4. Your boiler can’t meet hot water demands

    It might be time to replace your boiler with a new model that has a higher power output if your current boiler is unable to meet your hot water demands.

    What are the types of gas boiler replacement?

    If you’re getting a new boiler, then you should know that there are three major types:

    Combi boilers

    • Their compact design makes them perfect for homes with limited space
    • Do not require a hot water storage cylinder or a cold-water tank
    • Unsuitable for larger homes with multiple bathrooms and a high demand for hot water
    • Not suitable for areas with low mains water pressure

    Regular (heat only) boilers

    • Good for homes with multiple bathrooms and a high hot water demand
    • Perfect for areas with low water pressure from the mains
    • Suitable for homes with older heating systems that may not be able to tolerate high pressure
    • They take space since they need a cistern tank
    • A tank in the attic can freeze in winter and might cause many problems if it starts leaking

    System boilers

    • Also recommend for homes with more than one bathroom and a high demand for hot water
    • Do not need a tank in the attic
    • Internal components can make installation much easier.
    • Unsuitable for areas with low water pressure
    • Not suitable for homes with traditional heating systems that can’t tolerate high water pressure
    • You need to consider where to put the water tank if a system boiler is replacing your combi boiler.

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    What does installing a new boiler involve?

    After the installation of your new boiler, you should make sure that the heating engineer provides you with a Building Regulations Compliance certificate. This certificate confirms that the unit has been safely installed, and that the installation of your boiler has been registered with the manufacturer to validate the warranty as well. Most manufacturers request that this takes place within 30 days of installation.In order to keep your warranty valid, your boiler should be serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This means that they will inspect your boiler inside and out, checking the flue pipe, ensuring that the gas pressure is correct and checking how the boiler performs during operation.

    How quickly can you get a new boiler installed?

    At Let’s heat we can supply and fit your new boiler in 24 hours.

    When is the best time to get a new boiler installation?

    There’s not always a right time. However, if you’re planning on replacing yours before it completely packs up, then it is recommended that you do it during the summer months. Summer time is the best because you will be less reliant on heating and hot water so the process should be pain free.