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Updated: June 5, 2024

After you pick the right boiler for your home, comes the part of installing your new boiler. The first thing you would need to do is to find a professional installer. Someone who is a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer. 

Importance of proper installation for safety and efficiency

The installation of your boiler can take some stages. The first, being an inspection of the installation location in order to check how suitable the place is. Next comes the installation process which can take some time depending on the complexity of the job at hand. And finally, there will be a final inspection checking if everything is working as it is. 

Proper installation is a key element in the process. A professional installer can ensure that your boiler is safe to run and is working as efficiently as it should. 

Pre-Installation Steps – Boiler Installation Process

Assessment of the current heating system

The first thing to be done when installing a boiler is to assess the current heating system and try to determine how the job will be carried out. Your installer will check your pipes as well to see if they are in a good condition. This process can determine how long the job will take and what kind of tasks are involved. 

Determining the appropriate boiler size and type

Of course by that time, the boiler size and type will be determined as well. In most cases, people will just replace their current boiler with the same type. In other cases, different types might be needed. For example, swapping a regular boiler with a system boiler or combi to a system if a combi boiler can’t meet your home’s hot water demand. 

Inspection of the installation area for suitability

The location site would need to be prepared before the installation takes place. A survey of the place will be carried. The designated place will be checked for suitability, making sure the place is big enough to have a boiler installed. 

Clearing and cleaning the designated space

To grant easier access to your installer, it is recommended that you clean and clear the area of anything that might be in the way. The work can be carried much faster when the place of installation is well prepared. So make sure to remove any obstacles that might delay the job at hand. 

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What to Expect During the Boiler Installation Process

Installation Process

Connecting the boiler to the water and gas supply

What comes next in the process is the actual installation of your new boiler. The heating engineer would connect your boiler to the water supply. Your boiler will also be connected to the gas supply. Your heating engineer should be Gas Safe Registered to ensure safety. Remember that gas leaks are dangerous so always hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer. 

Mounting the boiler and connecting the piping system

Other steps will involve connecting the pipework together and ensuring that there are no leaks whatsoever and that everything is in its correct place. Of course, the complexity of the job and how long it can take depend on the job at hand. Whether it is like-to-like boiler swap or replacing your boiler with another boiler type.

Testing and Commissioning

Checking for leaks and proper functioning

The final step would involve checking that your system is working as smoothly as possible and that there are no leaks. The pipework will be checked to ensure that there are no water or gas leaks. 

Adjusting settings and ensuring optimal performance

The heating engineer will also walk you through your boiler’s settings and ensure that your boiler is performing well, ensuring that your boiler is functioning as efficiently as possible and without any unforeseen problems. 

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Boiler Repair Services Across the UK

Post-Installation Care

Proper maintenance and troubleshooting tips

In order to keep your boiler working smoothly and efficiently, regular maintenance and servicing of your boiler will be required at least a year after installation. And after that your system should be checked at least once a year. 

Important safety precautions

Boiler maintenance can help detect upcoming issues that are still in their initial stages. Fixing these issues at their start can save you money on costly repairs when it is too late. What is more, a well-maintained boiler or heating system will work more efficiently and can save you money on energy bills. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a boiler installation?

Different stages take place during a boiler installation. These will include: inspection of the new boiler location, removing your old boiler, installing your new boiler and checking that everything is working as it should.

How do you install a boiler step by step?

Installing a new boiler boiler will involve different steps. These are:
Clearing the area
Turning the power off
Shutting the water off
Draining the system 
Removal of old boiler 
Installation of new boiler
Connecting the pipework 
Making sure everything is working properly

How long does a boiler installation take?

On average, boiler installation can take from one day to 3 days, depending on the complexity of the job at hand. Some installations can be straightforward and fast such as a like-to-like boiler swap or more complex such as replacing your boiler with a different boiler type. 

What do I need to know about replacing a boiler?

You would need to do the steps that are involved so that you can have a clear image of what is going on. Understanding the type of boiler your home needs is pretty important as well. So do a little research or ask a heating engineer for some information. You can contact Smart Adapt and we will be happy to help. 

How do I prepare my boiler for installation?

You would need to clean and clear the area of installation beforehand so that the work will be fast and without delay. It is essential for your boiler installer to have easy access to your boiler.

Why is boiler installation so expensive?

Boiler installation can be expensive depending on the complexity of the job. Some boiler replacement jobs can require different tasks to be carried out and this can increase the cost of installation.