Updated: April 14, 2024

Emergency boiler repair in Cardiff

Identifying whether your boiler issue requires emergency repair or a one-off fix is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of situations deemed emergencies:

  • No heating or hot water in winter
  • A gas leak

We aim to address emergency boiler repair situations in Cardiff within 24 hours and strive to arrive at your location promptly.

What is a gas leak?

A gas leak poses a grave danger, not to be underestimated, as it can result in severe health risks for your family. The presence of a gas leak is typically detected by its distinct odor, as natural gas is intentionally scented for easier detection. When your boiler encounters issues preventing proper fuel combustion, it may produce and release carbon monoxide, a highly toxic gas known for its lethal effects and potential health complications.

Carbon monoxide has no smell added to it. It is also colourless. In order to detect a carbon monoxide leak, an alarm system should be placed near your system. 

Boiler Repair Cardiff

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

  • Dizziness 
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Breathlessness
  • Collapsing
  • Unconsciousness

What to do in the event of gas leak

  • Firstly, open all windows and doors
  • Do not press any switches or light any flames whatsoever 
  • Evacuate and leave the property
  • You can call the Gas Emergency Service

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What is one off boiler repair?

A one-off boiler repair addresses non-emergency faults in your boiler. Our services extend to one-off boiler repairs in Cardiff and neighboring areas.

The cost of a one-off boiler repair may fluctuate based on factors like repair duration, complexity, and unforeseen complications.

Some repairs are more common than others due the frequency at which they happen. It is always advisable that you hire a professional gas engineer to carry out these repairs to be on the safe side even when you think it is a minor repair. 

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Boiler Repair Cardiff

What are some of the most common boiler repairs? 

Boiler leaking

A leaking boiler or central heating system, regardless of its size, demands immediate attention due to its severity. It’s advisable to shut off both the water supply and the boiler upon detecting a leak to prevent further damage.

A malfunctioning component typically triggers boiler leaks, necessitating repair by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Common culprits include worn pressure valves or pump seals, which may require replacement. Additionally, pipe corrosion or improper installation can contribute to system leaks.

Excessive boiler pressure is another potential cause of leaks. When adjusting your boiler’s water pressure, ensure it remains within the manufacturer’s specified limits to prevent leaks.

No hot water or heating

We know how annoying and upsetting it is to be left without hot water in the midst of winter. Several factors and reasons can cause this problem. To name a few:

  • Power to the boiler is off
  • Gas is not being supplied to your property or that the oil storage tank is empty
  • Boiler pressure is too low.
  • The condensate pipe may be frozen due to freezing weather conditions

Check the pilot light on your boiler to see if it is on or not if you have an old boiler. Without a pilot light, you will be left without hot water and heating. A pilot light is an indication of the status of your boiler. It lights a larger flame when there is a need for hot water or heating.

Cold radiators

Encountering cold patches on radiators is a common issue, fortunately, easily resolved. When central heating is activated, hot water circulates throughout the radiators. However, air accumulation within the system can occasionally obstruct proper circulation, leading to incomplete heating and cold patches on the radiators.

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Who can repair a boiler?

The law requires that boiler repairs must be carried out by a trained and experienced professional. Gas boilers should always be repaired by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure maximum safety. 

What happens if I don’t service my boiler?

Without boiler service, you will shorten the lifespan of your boiler and cause its early death. An unchecked boiler can be life threatening to you and your family. What is more, your boiler will be less efficient, consume more energy and increase the risk of constant breakdown. 

What are the most common problems of boilers?

1- Boiler leaks. One of the most common boiler issues is a boiler leak
2- Low boiler pressure. Low boiler pressure can lead to cold radiators and a lack of 3- hot water
4- Boiler kettling
5- Frozen condensate pipe
6- No heat or hot water
7- Boiler keeps switching off
8- Pilot light going off

Can a faulty boiler explode?

Well, yes. It can be very dangerous so ensure you call someone out as soon as possible if your boiler is overheating.

Should I turn my boiler off if it has a fault?

It might be a sign that an internal part has failed. It’s not necessarily dangerous in itself but you should immediately shut off your boiler to prevent the electrics short-circuiting, and possible damage to your home.