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    Updated: April 9, 2024

    How do I know when my boiler needs repairing?

    Unusual noises, rising heating expenses, foul odors, leaks, reduced warmth in the building, and insufficient hot water supply are all potential indications that your boiler may need repair.

    Cardiff-based Plumbing & Heating Experts, Let’s Heat, are experts in Boiler Repair Cardiff…

    Additional services:

    In addition to boiler repair services, we offer bathroom installation, plumbing, kitchen installations, and a range of residential and commercial heating and plumbing solutions across Cardiff and the wider Wales region.

    Work to a very high standard!

    How to ensure you get the best boiler repair Cardiff service?

    We’ve created a straightforward guide to assist you in navigating the boiler replacement process. This guide is designed to help you find the most appropriate boiler repair or replacement solution that aligns with your requirements and budget.

    Online Boiler replacement guide!

    Get an online quote here!

    What you need to look for?

    *This is important should you be looking for a payment plan to fund your boiler repair or replacement service (see below).

     24/7 – 365 Days

    Let’s Heat is proud to offer vast experience in repairing, replacing, and installing boilers across the UK. Our profound expertise allows us to precisely evaluate your repair needs. We’re committed to delivering round-the-clock assistance for all your boiler repair requirements, including holidays such as Christmas Day and other festive occasions.

    Boiler Installation in Nottingham

    Identifying the problem with your boiler!

    If your boiler is encountering problems, it might necessitate either repair or replacement. Don’t hesitate to contact us with the symptoms you’re noticing, and we’ll help diagnose the issue. Additionally, we’ll provide guidance on whether a repair will suffice or if a replacement is warranted.


    If your boiler is old and outdated or too expensive, then replacing the boiler may be the best option.

    Choosing a New Boiler!

    But when it comes to new boilers and the replacement process, there’s a lot that you need to know so you should click one of the following links and take a look at our boiler replacement or boiler installation service.

    These both include our online boiler guide to help you with your boiler installation decision.

    What does boiler repair Cardiff cost?

    Depending on the make and brand of your boiler and the problem that it has, the price of boiler repair can differ greatly.

    Boiler repair Cardiff solutions and prices:

    When it comes to new boilers and boiler repair services, you should compare like-for-like repair services.

    Repair types and variety…

    For more about boiler replacement pricing click here.

    Please also see our 4.9 out of 5 Trustpilot score for assessment of our working standards and repair services from previous satisfied customers.

    Flexible Payment Options! Boiler repair costs

    Here at Let’s Heat, we offer you quality boiler repair at highly competitive prices and we can even provide you with flexible monthly payment options, via our FCA regulated finance options, if you require them.

    Boiler Repair – How long should it take?

    Boiler repair services may vary in duration depending on the specific requirements of each home or business. Factors such as the type of boiler system and the extent of repairs needed contribute to this variability. Upon diagnosing your repair needs, we can provide an estimate of the time required to complete the repair, along with a quotation for the necessary work.

    Timeline for different types of boiler installation:

    Often old boilers are hard to repair and replacing them is your only option. All things considered, here’s the timeline for the replacement services that we can provide:

    • Firstly, Replacing an already-existing combi boiler with a new one should take 3-6 hours.
    • Replacing a heat-only boiler with a combi or a system boiler would take 1-2 days.
    • Lastly, a system boiler replaced with a new system boiler would take about 3-6 hours.

    Can I get next-day boiler repair?

    England & Wales Coverage

    At Let’s Heat, we offer next-day boiler repair services, including emergency call boiler repair services.

    If you schedule your boiler repair services before 12 pm in colder months or 2 pm in warmer months, we can book your appointment for the following day.

    Finance for boiler replacement

    If repairing your boiler is not feasible and you require a replacement, we’re here to assist with financing options if needed. Purchasing a new boiler and arranging for installation is indeed an investment, which can be costly, particularly when paying upfront. With our FCA-approved finance packages, you can spread the cost of the job over time, ensuring affordability even if you don’t have immediate funds available.

    We can also offer a number of split payment options for your consideration.

    Get a quote

    Boiler Replacement Payment Options

    For new boiler installation, you can pay by card, pay zero deposit, and pay monthly over 2 to 10-years or take our a finance package.

    So why Let’s Heat for your boiler repair services?

    A. Let’s Heat Are Quality & Accredited Boiler Engineers

    At Let’s Heat, our professional engineers and emergency plumbers deliver dependable and expert emergency plumbing and heating services, including Boiler Installation, throughout Cardiff and the surrounding CF postcode areas in South Wales. Our boiler repair and installation team is fully qualified to the highest standards, ensuring exemplary workmanship. We take pride in our commitment to completing all boiler repairs promptly, regardless of the time or day required.

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    High Trustpilot Score & Gas Safe Registration

    Our team of top-tier professional engineers has earned an impressive Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5 from our delighted previous customers. We hold full accreditation from Gas Safe and are Corgi registered, with FCA approval for all financial transactions.

    Extensive Experience

    At Let’s Heat, our staff are seasoned experts in their respective fields, boasting years of invaluable experience. We’ve tackled a diverse array of emergency plumbing and heating challenges, serving Cardiff, Wales, and the entirety of the UK.

    Because We Care About Boiler Repair…

    Feeling unsure about where to begin or which service provider to choose? Our user-friendly online questionnaire streamlines the process, guiding you through every step to ensure you receive the right solution for your needs. Prior to commencing any work, we ensure your complete satisfaction with the proposed solution.

    Why else?
    • To beging with, we cover Cardiff and the surrounding areas of South Wales
    • Are reliable, professional, and trustworthy
    • High Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5.
    • Gas Safe Accredited (corgi registered),
    • Our finance is FCA accredited
    • At any rate, our prices are very competitive
    • All Engineers make sure your house is kept clean and tidy during any work
    • Our workmen use floor protection on each job
    • We make sure your rubbish is always correctly disposed of
    • 12-month snag guarantee
    • To sum up, We travel to anywhere throughout England & Wales

    Get a Quote

    Research your boiler repair needs and choose your boiler repair services online, without leaving the house…

    For all your boiler repair needs, don’t hesitate to contact our team of skilled Boiler engineers. We offer comprehensive repair services, including full boiler replacements.

    24/7 Repair and Installation!

    Our nationwide service ensures prompt repair and replacement, with next-day repair and installation available (orders placed before 12/2 pm in Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter).

    Installation Expertise

    With extensive experience and knowledge in boiler installation, repair, and maintenance, we’re equipped to address all your concerns. Explore our boiler replacement FAQs for further information, or feel free to reach out to us with any additional queries.

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    Areas covered by our Boiler Repair Cardiff Services:

    Local boiler repair services are available from Let’s Heat, serving all of Wales and England.


    Let’s Heat offers comprehensive Boiler Repair and Emergency Boiler Repair Services throughout Wales, covering regions such as: South East Wales, South Wales, South West Wales, Mid Wales, East Wales, West Wales, and North Wales.

    Welsh Cities:

    Our services extend to major Welsh cities including Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, and all other towns and cities across Wales.


    Let’s Heat provides prompt Boiler Repair and Emergency Boiler Repair Services across England, encompassing South West England, South East England, East Midlands, West Midlands, North West England, and North East England.

    English Cities:

    We cater to all major English cities, such as London, Reading, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Gloucester, Swindon, Oxford, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and more.

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    Should I replace my 30 year old boiler?

    The standard advice is to replace your boiler every 10 years, however some homes still have boilers working that are over 30 years old.

    Is it worth repairing a boiler?

    In many cases, simply repairing your boiler can be the most cost effective and efficient way to get your heating back up and running.

    Who should repair a boiler?

    Only a Gas Safe registered engineer can legally work on a gas boiler because a boiler repair or service involves working with gas.

    Is it better to repair or replace a boiler?

    If you have a newer boiler that has previously been reliable, a simple repair can do the job. However, if your boiler is old, out of warranty, or there’s the possibility of it being dangerous to your safety, you should consider replacing it.

    How often do boilers need replacing?

    around 15 years.