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    Updated: April 14, 2024

    Boiler Service

    What is boiler service?

    Regular boiler servicing is essential to ensure your boiler remains in top condition and operates efficiently. At Let’s Heat, we provide comprehensive boiler service in Barry and surrounding areas.

    Servicing your boiler annually is highly recommended to maintain its efficiency and performance. Detecting and addressing minor issues during servicing prevents potential problems from escalating into costly repairs. By addressing issues promptly, you can ensure the safety and longevity of your boiler.

    Over time, boilers naturally lose some efficiency, but regular maintenance and servicing can significantly prolong their lifespan. By delaying the ageing process, you can enjoy reliable performance for years to come.

    Most boilers come with a standard warranty of 5 years, though some brands offer longer warranties. To keep your warranty valid, regular servicing is essential. Ensuring your boiler is serviced regularly guarantees the validity of your warranty, providing you with peace of mind. Schedule your boiler service with Let’s Heat today to maintain its efficiency and ensure its longevity.

    Why do I need to service my boiler?

    1. Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas that can be emitted from faulty gas appliances, posing a severe health risk. Only alarms can detect it, and prolonged exposure can be fatal.

    1. Maintain High Efficiency: Poorly maintained boilers can lead to increased utility bills. Regular servicing ensures optimal efficiency, reducing energy consumption and saving you money in the long run.

    1. Keep Boiler Warranty Valid: Many manufacturers require regular servicing to keep your boiler warranty valid. Neglecting servicing may void your warranty, leaving you unprotected in case of malfunctions.

    Don’t delay or overlook boiler servicing—it’s essential for the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your heating system. Schedule your boiler service promptly to ensure peace of mind and continued performance.

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    Boiler Service in Barry

    Visual inspection

    The first stage that takes place in a boiler service is the visual inspection. Your engineer will visually check your boiler from the outside. Engineers are qualified to inspect the safety and efficiency of your boiler. They will check for the parts that are working safely and the parts that don’t look like they are.

    The engineer will be looking for any leaks or corrosive damage that may have taken place since their last inspection. The boiler flame will also be checked to see if it looks normal.

    Removal of Casing

    Once the visual inspection by the Gas Safe Registered engineer is completed, they proceed to examine the interior components of your boiler. This involves removing the boiler’s casing to access and assess the main parts. The casing safeguards these components from damage, allowing the engineer to inspect and clean them as needed. Key elements inspected include the burner, heat exchanger, and other crucial components vital for optimal boiler performance.


    Ensuring the boiler operates at the correct gas pressure is crucial, as deviations can impact performance and longevity. Incorrect pressure levels may lead to issues with taps and radiators, affecting overall functionality.

    Gas pressure check

    An examination of the flue terminals is conducted to detect any obstructions. Additionally, a flue analyser is utilized to assess flue emissions, ensuring safe operation within manufacturer tolerances. This step is vital for eliminating potentially hazardous emissions, necessitating the expertise of a Gas Safe engineer.

    Flue check

    To ensure the safety of your boiler’s flue system, a flue check is conducted by the heating engineer. Using a flue analyser, they assess flue emissions to confirm safe combustion within the parameters specified by the boiler manufacturer. This critical process detects and addresses any potential obstructions or issues that could lead to the emission of hazardous gases. It’s important to note that only Gas Safe engineers are authorized to perform these essential checks.

    Checking that the boiler fires properly

    The engineer will check that the boiler starts up as it should and that there are no faults with your boiler whatsoever.

    After the completion of the checks, a report of the condition of your boiler, including any problems or issues that your boiler has. They will also include what is required to fix these issues.

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    When to tell if your boiler needs servicing

    There are some signs that can help you know if your boiler requires servicing.

    The pilot light is off

    The pilot light serves as the ignition for your boiler, making it a crucial component of the appliance. While commonly found in older boilers, some newer models may still utilize pilot lights. If the pilot light is frequently extinguished or remains off, it could indicate underlying boiler issues. Ensuring the pilot light functions properly is essential for the overall performance and operation of your boiler.

    A yellow light can indicate carbon dioxide leaking.

    unusual noises

    While it’s common to hear some noise from your boiler as the heating system activates, unfamiliar or unusual sounds may indicate a need for servicing. Strange bangs or noises that are out of the ordinary could signal potential issues with your boiler. Over time, wear and tear are inevitable, particularly in aging boilers, and addressing unusual sounds promptly can help prevent further damage and ensure optimal performance.

    The last service was over a year

    A year is relatively a long time for a boiler. Some issues with your boiler might occur in just a year. That is why routine checks are critical in maintaining that your boiler is working efficiently. Not to mention that you risk your warranty being void if you don’t get your boiler serviced.

    unusual odour

    Detecting unusual odors from your boiler could indicate potential gas leaks or other issues. Dark stains around the boiler casing may also suggest leakage. While carbon monoxide itself is odorless, the presence of unusual smells around the boiler could signal a leak of other gases. It’s crucial to address any unusual odors promptly to ensure the safety and proper functioning of your boiler.

    Inefficient performance

    You can check the performance of your boiler by checking if your hot water taps are delivering hot water quickly. You can also see if the radiators are hot or tepid. When your boiler isn’t working properly, then it’s going to work inefficiently.

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    Boiler Service in Barry

    Why choose Let’s Heat?

    At Let’s Heat, we pride ourselves on delivering boiler services of the utmost quality. Our team of heating engineers is fully Gas Safe registered, equipped with the expertise to handle various boilers and heating systems. With Let’s Heat, you can trust that our engineers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in their field. We maintain transparency with our customers, adhering to an honest pricing policy with no hidden fees. Rest assured, Let’s Heat is committed to ensuring your home stays warm, providing reliable service you can trust.

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    How long does a boiler service take?

    A boiler service does not take too long to complete at all! Typically, it can take between 30 minutes or an hour to ensure that the boiler is in good working condition. However, if your boiler might need more time, your engineer will inform you of that fact. You will be provided with a Gas Safety Certificate as proof that the annual service has been made.

    How much does it cost to service a boiler in Barry?

    A boiler service cost will depend on the engineer providing the service. This could range anywhere between £60-£150, with the average being £75. You can either choose to pay the one-off fee for the annual boiler service or pay for a boiler cover plan to keep you covered throughout the year.

    What happens if I don’t service my boiler?

    Without boiler service, you will shorten the lifespan of your boiler and cause its early death. An unchecked boiler can be life threatening to you and your family. What is more, your boiler will be less efficient, consume more energy and increase the risk of constant breakdown.

    Can any plumber do a boiler service?

    Not all plumbers are qualified to work with boilers. For any work on your boiler system, you will need to employ a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to do the work.

    Does boiler service include cleaning?

    During a boiler service, the engineer will remove, inspect and clean the main components in the boiler to make sure they are fit for purpose and have no noticeable defects.

    Can I service my own boiler?

    Any boiler maintenance and troubleshooting need the right equipment and training. So it’s important to seek professional help in the case of any serious problems or any regular check.

    What does installing a new boiler involve?

    If you are renovating, then you don’t have to dig up your floors to install underfloor heating.

    How long does underfloor heating take to warm up?

    An underfloor heating system that is fitted on top of your floors heat up very quickly, whereas a system which is set within a screed might take longer to heat up your home. However, it can retain heat for a longer time and you can also programme it to provide the right amount of required heat.

    is underfloor heating safe and good for your health?

    Well, underfloor heating is, without a doubt, healthier and safer than radiators since exposed hot surfaces are hidden and dust traps removed. They are a controlled and comfortable heat source, which can help in eliminating draughts and cold spots around your home.