You click, pick and we’ll fit your new boiler in 24 hours

Broken, old or inefficient boiler? Get a new one installed with our zero-deposit, monthly payment plans*.

New boiler Installation in just 24 hours by a  Local Gas Safe Engineer.

*3 Years 0% APR available on selected products
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<h1>You click, pick and we’ll fit your new boiler in 24 hours</h1>

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Boiler Service

To keep your boiler running safely and efficiently we recommend that you get your boiler serviced annually. The warranty of many new boilers may be invalidated if boilers are not serviced regularly.We are happy to carry out an annual service on your boiler even if we have not installed it.
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<h2>Spread the cost of your boiler into monthly payment</h2>

Spread the cost of your boiler into monthly payment

Getting a boiler on finance is the best way to get a new boiler installed with no upfront cost. Rather than pay the full price you can break down the cost of a new boiler installation for your home into small manageable monthly payments with one of our pay monthly boiler deals.
Frequently Asked Question


Due to the use of condensing technology, system boilers are very efficient. They can achieve up to 90% efficiency in ideal conditions. Taps and showers receive immediate hot water at the same pressure. As a result, they can also improve water consumption in your home.

This factor is determined by the capacity of your hot water cylinder. You should consider how much water you need for taps, baths and showers when choosing the right size. However, you should keep in mind that the size of your cylinder will rely on the space available. A system engineer will help you design the hot water tank and the system to your ultimate satisfaction and your hot water demand. If calculated correctly, you wouldn’t run out of hot water.

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