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    Updated: April 9, 2024

    Expert commercial gas engineer:

    Let’s Heat is a highly professional company that specializes in providing commercial gas engineering services in Cardiff. Our team of skilled engineers is proficient in servicing, repairing, installing, and maintaining various heating and boiler systems for both commercial and domestic properties in the Cardiff area.

    Our commercial gas engineers are experts in handling gas appliances and pipelines, ensuring professional installation and repair services in your home. With Let’s Heat, you can easily hire a reliable and experienced commercial gas engineer in Cardiff and throughout South Wales.

    We take pride in our dedicated and committed team of gas engineers who are passionate about their work. They possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to deliver high-quality services and ensure the efficient functioning of your heating and boiler systems.

    We understand that shopping for a new boiler can be a daunting and costly process. However, with Let’s Heat, we aim to simplify the experience for you. You can conveniently access all the information you need online, making it easier to understand the options available and make informed decisions.

    Let’s Heat is your trusted partner for commercial gas engineering services in Cardiff. Our skilled team of gas engineers

    What duties does a gas engineer do?

    “Gas engineers in Cardiff are skilled professionals responsible for a variety of tasks including repair, maintenance, and installation of gas appliances. This encompasses heating systems, boilers, and piping within buildings. At Let’s Heat, our team of gas engineers operates across commercial and industrial sectors, ensuring top-notch service.”

    Why commercial gas engineers are more advisable than a local fitter?

    The primary advantage of hiring a gas engineer over a local fitter lies in their superior experience and certification. Unlike local fitters, gas engineers are equipped with the latest technical knowledge and methods to handle complex gas and heating/cooling systems effectively. Opting for a commercial gas engineer in your vicinity ensures greater safety and reliability during installation or repair services. Therefore, it’s imperative to prioritize guaranteed quality of work by choosing a certified professional like a commercial gas engineer.

    Are the Engineers at Let’s Heat Gas Safe Registered?

    Yes, our engineers at Let’s Heat are Gas Safe Registered. Being Gas Safe Registered is a legal requirement for individuals working with gas appliances, and it signifies that they are qualified and authorized to handle all types of gas work. Our engineers hold Gas Safe ID cards, which serve as proof of their registration and competence to work on gas services.

    Emergency Boiler Repair

    Bespoke Gas Services at Let’s Heat:

    Whether you are starting a new business or seeking a reliable company to handle your gas and heating systems, Let’s Heat is here to assist you. Our team of fully qualified and experienced gas engineers offers a comprehensive range of gas services tailored to meet the needs of growing businesses and organizations.

    Commercial Gas Engineer in Cardiff:

    Emergency Callouts:

    We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, which is why our gas engineers are available for 24/7 emergency call-outs. Our commitment is to assist our customers in their time of need. If you encounter an unexpected issue, there’s no need to panic. Simply give us a call, and our gas engineer will promptly arrive at your location to provide the necessary service.

    Let’s Heat takes pride in having Gas Safe Registered engineers who are qualified to handle gas work. We offer bespoke gas services for commercial clients in Cardiff and beyond. Additionally, our team is available for emergency call-outs, ensuring that you receive the assistance you need when unforeseen situations arise. Trust us to deliver reliable and professional gas services for your peace of mind.

    Our installation and servicing Commercial Gas Engineers Mission to Customer’s Satisfaction…

    Our client-centric approach at Let’s Heat ensures that each member of our team is dedicated to providing exceptional assistance every time. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of service, ensuring that every task is performed with meticulous attention to detail. Our Gas Engineers are not only highly skilled but also friendly, approachable, and possess excellent communication skills. We prioritize keeping our customers informed and engaged throughout the service process, ensuring they are always aware of the progress of the work being carried out. Rest assured, at Let’s Heat, your satisfaction is our top priority.

    Pricing and Packages – heating and plumbing Commercial gas engineer in Cardiff

    Absolutely, at Let’s Heat, our pricing policy is transparent and straightforward – we only charge for the actual work carried out, with no hidden fees or additional services added to inflate costs. Our team is known for its honesty, dedication, and high regard in the UK. We pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective and economical expenses in exchange for outstanding service. While we prioritize affordability, we never compromise on the quality of our work, ensuring guaranteed results every time.

    The price for a new boiler replacement can vary, depending on many crucial elements:

    • The type of boiler you want to install in your house (e.g. combi, system or regular)
    • Moving you boiler to a different location
    • The model you aim to buy (e.g. mid-range vs. premium)
    • Converting your current boiler with another type (e.g. system to combi)
    • The extras you get (e.g. filters, a controller or smart thermostats)

    Undoubtedly, opting to replace your current combi boiler with a new one is generally more cost-effective than converting your system boiler to a combi boiler.

    Converting your boiler requires additional time, labor, and materials, not to mention the complexity of the process itself.

    The choice of boiler model also significantly influences the cost of installation. At Let’s Heat, we offer a selection of top brands in the boiler industry, including Alpha, Worcester Bosch, and Viessmann, ensuring quality and reliability.

    To accommodate our customers’ financial needs, we provide various payment options. Whether you prefer to pay in cash or opt for a boiler finance plan allowing monthly payments, we have you covered.

    Lastly, our team of Gas Engineers provides unparalleled heating services nationwide, available 24/7. Stay updated by visiting us on Facebook.

    Identifying the problem! Commercial gas engineer in Cardiff:

    If you’re experiencing issues with your current boiler, Let’s Heat is here to assist you in finding a solution. Our expert engineers can diagnose the problem and advise whether repair or replacement is necessary. With our dedicated team, rest assured you’ll receive the assistance you need, available round the clock, every day of the week. Trust Let’s Heat to address your boiler concerns efficiently and effectively.

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    Can I get a next-day boiler replacement?

    Yes, you can benefit from next-day boiler fitting when you place your order before 12 pm during colder months and 2 pm in warmer months.

    Our nationwide service covers England, Wales, and Scotland, ensuring you don’t have to endure prolonged heating issues, especially during the chilly winter months.

    Few boiler companies offer such rapid nationwide fitting services. If you require urgent boiler assistance, request a quote from Let’s Heat today.

    Boiler Replacement energy regulations…

    Over the past few years, the UK government has introduced several guidelines regarding boiler installation and energy efficiency. It is imperative to adhere to these guidelines for safe and efficient operation. Remember:

    • Gas boilers should have at least a 92% ErP efficiency regardless of boiler type.
    • A Combi boiler installation should have one energy-saving feature.
    • You should have functioning time and temperature controls.

    Finance for Your Boiler Replacement

    Investing in a new boiler and its installation is a significant decision, often accompanied by substantial costs. However, you don’t have to pay everything upfront. With our FCA-approved finance packages, you can spread out the expense over time.

    Payment Options for Boiler Replacement

    Additionally, we provide various payment options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer paying by card, opting for zero deposit, or spreading the cost monthly over 2 to 10 years, we have flexible solutions available.

    Finance Option – Commercial Gas Engineer in Cardiff

    If purchasing a new boiler outright isn’t feasible for you, consider our boiler finance plan. Eligible customers can enjoy the convenience of paying monthly over 2, 4, 6, or 10 years, making boiler replacement more accessible and affordable.

    • No deposit is needed
    • You can make overpayments with no penalty 
    • The ability to spread the cost over 2, 4, 6, or 10 years
    • Interest rates from 9.9% APR

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    Emergency Boiler Repair

    A. Let’s Heat Are Quality & Accredited Boiler Installers

    At Let’s Heat, our professional engineers and emergency plumbers are dedicated to delivering reliable and professional emergency plumbing and heating services. This includes boiler installation in Cardiff and the surrounding CF postcode area in South Wales.

    Our boiler installation and repair team are fully qualified to the highest standards, ensuring exemplary workmanship regardless of the time or day.

    With a Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5 from our previous satisfied customers, our team of high-quality professional engineers is highly regarded. We are also fully accredited by Gas Safe and Corgi registered, as well as FCA approved for all financial transactions.

    Our staff at Let’s Heat are experts in their field with years of experience, having worked on a wide range of emergency plumbing and heating solutions throughout Cardiff, Wales, and the UK. Trust Let’s Heat for all your plumbing and heating needs.

    B. Because we care…

    Feeling uncertain about where to begin or whom to trust? Our straightforward online questionnaire is designed to simplify the process for both you and us. It covers all the necessary information to ensure that we understand your needs accurately and provide the right solution for you.

    Furthermore, we prioritize your satisfaction. Rest assured, we won’t proceed with any work until we’ve ensured that you are completely happy with the solution offered. Trust Let’s Heat to guide you through the process and deliver results that meet your expectations.

    Why else?

    • We cover Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales
    • We are reliable, professional, and trustworthy
    • High Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5.
    • Our finance is FCA accredited
    • Gas Safe Accredited (corgi registered)
    • At any rate, our prices are very competitive
    • We ensure that your house is kept clean and tidy during any work
    • Our workmen use floor protection on each job
    • We always make sure your rubbish is correctly disposed of
    • Our Service comes with a 12-month snag guarantee
    • Lastly, we travel anywhere throughout the UK

    Get a Quote

    You can now research and select your new boiler and schedule its installation conveniently online, right from the comfort of your home.

    Should you require further information or assistance regarding a new boiler installation, our dependable team of boiler engineers is readily available to help.

    We cater to all your boiler replacement needs here at Let’s Heat, offering nationwide coverage and even providing next-day service (for orders placed before 12/2 pm year-round).

    Rest assured, our experienced and skilled staff are proficient in all aspects of boiler installation services, repair, and maintenance. Should you have any additional questions or inquiries, please feel free to explore our boiler replacement options.

    The full range of heating & plumbing services provided by Let’s Heat are as follows:

    • Boiler Repairs & Installations
    • Emergency Boiler Repairs & Installations
    • Boiler Finance
    • Boiler Supply & Fit
    • Emergency Boiler Supply & Fit
    • Plumbing Repairs
    • Bathroom Plumbing
    • Emergency Plumbing Repairs
    • Kitchen Plumbing
    • Emergency Bathroom Plumbing
    • Emergency Kitchen Plumbing
    • General Plumbing Services
    • Emergency Plumbing Services
    • Emergency Gas & Heating Engineer
    Areas covered by our Boiler Replacement Services:

    Let’s Heat boiler engineers provide comprehensive coverage across all of Wales and England.


    We offer Boiler Replacement services throughout Wales, including South East Wales, South Wales, South West Wales, Mid Wales, East Wales, West Wales, and North Wales. This includes major cities such as Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, as well as all other towns and cities in Wales.


    Let’s Heat also offers Boiler Replacement services throughout England, covering regions like South West England, South East England, East Midlands, West Midlands, North West England, and North East England. This encompasses major cities like London, Reading, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Gloucester,

    Swindon, Oxford, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Sunderland, and Middlesbrough, among others.

    Should you have any further inquiries, please refer to our FAQ Page or visit our News Blog for more information. You can also check our Gas Safe Registration or view our near 5-star Trustpilot rating by clicking the provided links.

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    Do commercial properties need gas safety certificate?

    Yes, It is a legal requirement for any commercial with a commercial gas appliance, which is occupied, rented or open to the general public requires. We provide annual boiler servicing and commercial gas certificate for boilers and commercial kitchens.

    Is it a legal requirement to have a gas safety certificate?

    Yes, it is a legal requirement for any rented accommodation and commercial premises. But not a legal requirement for Homeowners who resides in their own property.

    What is a commercial gas engineer?

    Let’s Heat are a highly professional company providing commercial gas engineers who are able to service, repair, install and maintain just about any kind of heating and boiler system for the Cardiff area, for both commercial premises and domestic properties.

    What is the fine for not having a gas safety certificate?

    You could end up in jail for upto six months and fines £6000 on top of that. If results of action lead to death then you will charged criminally and prosecuted in the crown court for man slaughter. The maximum sentence a judge can impose for manslaughter is imprisonment for life.

    How much is a commercial landlord gas safety certificate?

    prices start from £150 for the first appliance. Additional £70 per boiler or £30 per catering appliance, But prices can range for commercial boilers of high output ranges.