Combi Boilers

  • How do Combi Boilers work?

    Cold water runs through the combi boilers directly from the main water source. In order to produce heat, the gas fuel is burned. The heat is then transformed from the combustion chamber to the water through a heat exchanger.

    Your thermostat would know when the temperatures drop in your house. Subsequently, it will send a signal to the combi boiler which would fire up and heat your home.

    The minute the required heat is reached, your combi boiler would decrease the produced heat and keep the status quo. As a result, it will reduce your energy waste as well as keep your house warm.

    A Combi boiler directs hot water to any outlet you are using such as a hot tap, a shower or a bath. When you turn off the tap, the central heating duties will be back in action.

    Keep in mind that your Combi boiler directs hot water to the water outlets or the central heating, but not both at the same time.

  • Is a Combi Boilers the perfect choice for your home?

    Combi Boilers take water directly from the mains water supply in your home. To provide an appropriate water flow, they rely on the pressure coming from the mains.

    So if the pressure from the mains is not strong enough, a combi boiler is not, therefore, suitable for your home.

    A combi Boiler comes with two outputs; one for how water and the other is for home heating. Hot water for central heating takes less effort than on-demand hot water. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a boiler that corresponds with your hot water demands.

    Another key point is that if you live in large home with many bathrooms, then a system boiler is what you need.

  • The right Combi Boilers size for you.

    When we talk about boiler size, we do not mean its dimensions, but rather its power output.

    The unit of measurement, used for Combi Boilers, is the kilowatt (kW). To clarify, the bigger the kilowatts, the greater the capacity of the boiler to match your demands for hot water and central heating.

    We advise that you get a small (low power) combi boiler if you have a small home with only one bathroom.

    On the other hand, you will need a much bigger boiler if you live in larger property with more than one bathroom.

    Here’s what you need to know about Minimum kW Size:

    NO. OF BEDRROMS 1 bath & shower 2 baths & showers  
    2-beedrom house 26 kW 29 kW Get Quotes
    3-bedroom house 29 KW 35 kW Get Quotes
    4-bedroom house 29 KW 35 KW Get Quotes
    5-bedrrom house 35 KW 35 KW Get Quotes