How does Interest-free boiler finance (0% APR) work?

You can easily get 0% interest-free boilers with payment terms of 12 months from most boiler companies and boiler financing providers.

Boiler finance provided by a bank or a lender will ensure that you won’t pay a penny of interest over a set term. Here is how it works. The boiler company pays a subsidy to the bank. And that’s how they are able to make their money.

In short, the price of your boiler wouldn’t increase because of interest, and there are no additional charges or fees. So you will only pay the agreed-upon monthly payments and the installation cost without extra fees.

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Summary: interest-free boiler finance

  • You don’t need to make a deposit on the new boiler pay monthly scheme.
  • No penalty for making boiler financing overpayments
  • Clear the balance without any penalty
  • Pay monthly over 12 months