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We know you’ve probably got countless questions on how it all works and how this affects you, the customer! We’ve compiled a list of the questions we most commonly get asked. 

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All engineers must be Gas Safe registered to have a working account on our website. This means you’ll always have the most expert boiler service, no matter which of our boffins ends up lending you a hand.

Our whole process takes just minutes from start to finish, using layman’s terms and easy to follow visual design because we’re the plumbers, not you! We at Let’s Heat know how puzzling and stressful searching for the right boiler service can be and we can’t stand the thought that any of our customers should miss out on the best deals through a lack of technical know-how. Our sleek website and questionnaire have been carefully crafted with user interface as our top priority. It will allow you a choice of the top boiler and warranty options on the market, bespoke to your needs and to be installed on any date you choose! Our installations are super speedy thanks to our unique engineer accounts, that allow engineers to view required services in real time and select the jobs that match their skills.

Hello, that’s us! Nice to meet you. Let’s Heat is a new online heating and boiler platform launched by Mo, Cardiff local and CEO of MD Plumbers. Mo has over 10 years of boiler experience and loves the personal and rewarding feeling of heating people’s homes. Just 2 years after founding MD Plumbers as a local business, Mo’s high demand allowed him to expand to set up an office in London and he wanted to give something back to the customers that had supported his goals. So, he began to plan a brighter future for the boiler industry: one that puts the customer first with a quicker and easier process that doesn’t compromise on the highest quality of service. We’re one boiler company who never get cold feet for top service delivery.

Absolutely! Our entire process is completely transparent and there are no sneaky traps or hidden extras. Add-ons are made on a strictly opt-in basis.

We provide warranties with coverage of up to 10 years at fantastic rates!

The flue is the pipe sticking out from the top of your boiler. It’s normally round though it can be square and don’t worry if you’re still lost, our questionnaire still works even if you don’t know all the answers.

Boilers are complicated and our specialists at Let’s Heat know that. Negotiating maintenance and repairs can feel like an uphill battle. It’s not difficult to get confused about what different services mean for you or why are priced in certain ways. In the past, this has made people susceptible to upselling and other sneaky tactics to part them with their hard-earned cash.
Purchase Price: £1,900 
Deposit: £340.00 
Loan Term: 60 months (5 yr.) 
Amount of credit: £1560.00 
Monthly: £32.75 
Total payable: £2304.74
Interest (fixed): £404.73 
APR: 9.9%

We offer finance solutions for your boiler from 24 months up to 10 years so that you can spread the cost. You can also do up to 50% deposit to bring the monthly payment down. You simply complete the checkout then apply for finance through our website- www.letsheat.co.uk, we will instantly let you know if you are approved in 15 min.

All boilers fit by let’s heat get a basic chemical flush free of charge. This is not to be confused with a “power flush”, please contact us for more info at www.letsheat.co.uk live chat.

No, let’s heat has got it all covered. If you were to register it yourself you may not benefit from the exclusive extended warranties we can offer, we usually register all new boilers within 28 days. you’ll get email confirmation of this typically within 8 weeks of installation.

Of course, the installer on the day will remove your old boiler and dispose of this, if you have a header tank (in your loft), we’ll do our best to remove it.

 we will also take away all packaging from the new boiler and leave your home clean and tidy.

Orders can be cancelled at any time prior to installation and a full refund or finance application cancellation (whichever applicable) will be provided, please contact us asap via email: hello@letsheat.co.uk or contact our team on 0330 174 6700

Carbon Monoxide is one of the most harmful gases to our health. And if we don’t take proper measures to prevent it, it can be deadly too. But what exactly is carbon monoxide? How harmful can it be, especially in the home, coming from central heating and other sources? and how it can be avoided? Let’s discuss everything one by one for toxic-free home heating.

All gas engineers and gas professionals must be on Gas Safe Register before carrying out any gas related work. They’re obliged by law to register on Gas Safe Register to work on residential, commercial, or industrial gas-related services. Research has found that a third of UK adults do not always check gas engineer’s identity before assigning them work. Don’t make that mistake. You should always check whether or not they are on the Gas Safe Register.

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High Trustpilot Score of 4.9 out of 5
High Trustpilot Score of 4.9 out of 5