Honeywell T3R 7 Day Programmable Wireless Thermostat

honeywell thermostat


Honeywell T3R programmble wireless thermostat


 Honeywell T3R programmable wireless thermostat Enjoy a modern, fully-featured and programmable thermostat at an affordable price. The T3R is designed with convenience and simplicity in mind. For those who want the most flexible and easy way to control their comfort. Contains a battery-powered wireless thermostat (2xAA batteries included with a 2-year lifespan) and a wireless receiver box. Wireless thermostats can be placed anywhere in the home since no wires are needed between the thermostat and the boiler. Includes table stand.

Let's heat
A programmable wireless thermostat allows you to choose exactly when you want the heating on, and how high or low the temperature should be. The thermostat, thanks to radio frequency communication, can be placed anywhere in the house.
It sends on/off indications to the receiver, is placed near the boiler, and is connected to it with cables.
Set different temperatures at multiple times throughout the day to meet your lifestyle needs.
  • Flexible programming

Factory pre-programmed scheduling options incl. 7 days programming, 6 periods to suit comfort needs, easy to program holiday mode, or simple touch 1+hour Boost schedule override.

  • Energy Saving

Utilizes an advanced, self-learning algorithm for intelligent heating control, ensuring more efficient boiler control than ever before. Boiler Plus compliant.

  • Ease of use

The intuitive user interface, large, clear display with backlight for easier viewing in all light conditions, simple large symbols, and Off/Manual/Auto modes at the touch of a button. Reliable, encrypted, two-way wireless communication between the thermostat and the wireless receiver box.

  • Application

Standard & combi boilers (On/Off); under-floor heating, zone valves. Heating only (24 — 230V ~ 5(3)A).


Lock feature, preventing unwanted/unauthorized interaction, Frost protection function (so that pipes in the house will never freeze), and automatic time clock adjustment for seasonal changes.



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