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New Boiler Replacement. How it works?

To begin with, boilers can be complicated and our specialists at Let’s Heat know that well. What’s more, negotiating maintenance and repairs can feel like an demanding process. Furthermore, you can easily get confused about what different services mean for you or why are they priced in certain ways. In the past, this has made people vulnerable to upselling and other sneaky tactics to part them with their money. With Let’s Heat you will get an honest and reliable new boiler replacement and any other services you need.

How does it work?

Step by step

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1. Your boiler breaks.

You don’t know what to do.  You need a new boiler replacement “What’s wrong with it? We’ll have to get someone in! Who did we use last time? How much will it cost!?”

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2. You hop on Google and find yourself here.

You’re saved! The maddening panic and mind-boggling prices are already fading from your mind

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3. You fill in a quick, user-friendly questionnaire.

Firstly, you’ll be asked some questions about the size of your house, the boiler that just broke and the date you need your service performed. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers! We’ve already thought of that; just give us as much information as you can, and our clever algorithms will find a selection of the best fits for you at the best price available.

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4. We find the perfect engineer for you.

The date and details of your service will be posted to all engineers who have accounts with us local to your area. They’ll accept jobs based on which tasks best match their skillset, making sure you get the highest possible quality and same day service!


5. A bespoke engineer will get in contact to come and solve your problem.

They’ll swiftly fix whatever issues you had with your heating without delay. Furthermore, they’ll check if you need a new boler replacement. Tea is appreciated but by no means a necessity.


6. We’ll send you an aftercare questionnaire.

At Let’s Heat, we go the extra mile to look after our customers, so please tell us anything you think we should know about our service from your now toasty warm home.

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Its all about you!

Why Choose Us?

At Let's Heat, we've found
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One that puts you in the driver’s seat, employing an easy to follow questionnaire that tells you exactly which service is best suited to your circumstances: not the boiler-man’s.

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