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Updated: June 5, 2024

It goes without saying that a boiler needs to be serviced in order to keep it working as efficiently as possible. But how often should it be done? Well, your boiler should be serviced at least once a year. Neglecting to service your boiler might result in lower efficiency, higher energy bills, various faults and you would risk invalidating your boiler warranty. 

How often should you service my boiler?

It is advisable that you service your boiler once every 12 months. A professional heating engineer will be looking over your system in order to make sure everything is working as it should. Boiler service can give you some peace of mind over the state of your boiler. 

As for landlords, it is actually a legal requirement that you have the boiler and the flue system serviced on an annual basis. 

Electric boilers don’t require as much service and maintenance as gas or oil boilers but it’s better to have them serviced when possible. 

Who can service a boiler?

For safety reasons, a boiler must be serviced by a professional and a qualified heating engineer. Different certificates and requirements exist for each type of boiler (gas or oil).

Gas boilers should be serviced by a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer.

As for oil boilers, they should be serviced by an OFTEC-registered engineer.

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How often should a boiler be serviced?

When should I service my boiler?

Your boiler should be serviced once a year. You can have it serviced any time of the year you want. There is no right or wrong time. However, it is recommended that you arrange for your boiler to be serviced in summer time and here is why:

  • It is easier to find a heating engineer in summer as they are less busy in summer than in winter. Even their rates might be lower in summer. 
  • In summer you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your boiler is in the best condition ahead of winter. What is more, a faulty boiler in the midst of winter can be very frustrating for your household.

Why should you have your boiler serviced?

A serviced boiler will give you the peace of mind you need ahead of winter. You will not have to worry about your boiler malfunctioning or breaking down. Boiler service can also keep your boiler operating at maximum efficiency. 

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What is more, many boiler manufacturers require annual boiler service in order to keep their warranty valid. Without boiler service, you risk invalidating your boiler warranty quite early. 

When you neglect boiler service you will be risking the following:

  • Carbon monoxide leak 
  • A rise in energy bills
  • Boiler issues that could leak to boiler breakdown

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New Boiler Cost

What does a boiler service involve?

A thorough boiler service should last for at least 30 minutes as the heating engineer does the following:

A usual boiler service can take 30 minutes and it will involve the following tasks:

  • First, your heating engineer will take a thorough look at your boiler for any signs of leaking or corrosion. The flame will also be checked as well.
  • The boiler casing will then be removed in order to check the inside components and clean any dusty parts.
  • The flue terminals will also be checked to ensure there is no blockage.
  • Checking the gas pressure to make sure it is correct.
  • At the end, the energy will proceed to fire up the boiler and check performance.

How much does a boiler service cost?

Boiler service cost can vary depending on different factors. These can involve: boiler fuel, boiler type, manufacturer and model, location of your boiler, which region you live in and your installer’s rates. 

Generally speaking, a boiler service can cost between £60 to £160.

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Does a boiler need to be serviced every year?

Annual service is essential if you want your boiler to work as efficiently as possible. Moreover, without boiler service, you risk invalidating your boiler’s warranty.

Can I service my boiler?

Only a professional can service your boiler. For gas boilers, you should hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer. For oil boilers, you should hire a OFTEC-registered engineer. 

What does a boiler service involve?

The heating engineer will look for leaking corrosion, check the flue terminals and the gas pressure, and finally, the performance of the boiler will be checked.

What can happen if I don’t service my boiler?

Without boiler service, you risk reducing the efficiency of your boiler as well as shorting your boiler’s lifespan. Reduced efficiency means higher energy bills.