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    • How to avoid invalidating your boiler warranty 

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  • How to avoid invalidating your boiler warranty 

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    • How to avoid invalidating your boiler warranty 

    Updated: April 16, 2024

    “When purchasing a new boiler, manufacturers typically offer a warranty to cover repair costs during a specified period. However, there are instances where warranties may not be honored, often due to errors made by consumers.

    It’s crucial to understand and adhere to the terms and conditions outlined in the warranty agreement. Failure to do so can result in unexpected repair expenses. Additionally, some common mistakes can lead to warranty invalidation, potentially leaving you liable for costly repairs.

    To avoid this, it’s essential to thoroughly review the warranty terms, follow recommended maintenance procedures, and refrain from making unauthorized modifications to the boiler. By understanding and abiding by the warranty requirements, you can ensure that your boiler remains covered and avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.”

    What is a boiler warranty? 

    Simply put, a boiler warranty guarantees that your boiler will be repaired within a specified timeframe following its installation. Warranties vary in duration, with most manufacturers offering a standard 2-year warranty. Additionally, you have the option to extend the warranty for an extra fee.

    Manufacturers often have their own installation schemes, which serve as accreditation for heating engineers who install their boilers to a high standard. Choosing an accredited gas engineer for your boiler installation may qualify you for an extended warranty from the manufacturer.

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    Is there a difference between a warranty and a guarantee? 

    A boiler guarantee is essentially identical to a boiler warranty. Every new boiler comes with a guarantee as standard, which can vary in duration and be extended for an additional fee.

    However, there is a distinction between a guarantee and a warranty. A manufacturer’s guarantee assures that your boiler will be repaired for a specified period after installation, regardless of the cause.

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    What to look for in a boiler warranty?  

    While this is a hotly-debated topic, finding the right boiler warranty is as important as finding the right boiler. This is why it’s important to compare features before committing to a new boiler. Factors to consider should be: 

    Finding the right boiler warranty might be equally important to finding the right boiler. There are some things which you might need to put into consideration:  

    • Whether parts and labour are included  
    • The length of the warranty  
    • Is it possible to extend the boiler warranty  
    • Which parts are covered by the warranty  

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    What can invalidate a boiler warranty? 

    Unauthorized Modifications: Making alterations or modifications to the boiler without manufacturer approval can void the warranty.

    Improper Installation: Failing to install the boiler according to manufacturer specifications or by a qualified professional can invalidate the warranty.

    Neglecting Maintenance: Not adhering to recommended maintenance schedules or neglecting routine servicing may void the warranty.

    Using Non-Approved Parts: Using non-approved or unauthorized parts for repairs or replacements can invalidate the warranty.

    Failure to Register: Not registering the boiler warranty with the manufacturer after installation may result in the warranty being voided.

    Negligence: Negligent operation or misuse of the boiler, such as overloading it beyond its capacity or using it for unintended purposes, can invalidate the warranty.

    Environmental Factors: Damage caused by environmental factors such as floods, fires, or other natural disasters may not be covered by the warranty if not specified in the terms and conditions.

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    What does boiler service involve? 

    • Checking for leaks and corrosion 
    • Carrying a visual inspection  
    • Checking oil or gas pressure  
    • Make sure that boiler seals are in a good condition  
    • Ensure that the burning rate of the gas or oil is safe 
    • Combustion analysis  
    • Issuesing a service certificate Detailing what work has taken place 

    Myths about boiler warranty  

    There are numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding boilers and boiler warranties.

    One prevalent myth is the belief that a boiler is automatically covered under your home insurance, rendering boiler insurance unnecessary. However, this is far from accurate.

    While some home insurance policies may include boiler coverage as part of the package, it is not typical. It’s advisable to thoroughly review your home insurance policy to understand what coverage is provided and what is not included.

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    How to claim my boiler warranty? 

    It is not likely that you would need some extra TLC during your warranty period. However, it is best to call the boiler manufacturer directly.  

    What do I do when my boiler breaks down? 

    There are a few things to do when your boiler breaks down. These can include checking the following: 

    • The electricity supply 
    • the  gas (or oil) supply 
    • The water supply 
    • The boiler pressure 
    • The thermostat and programmer 
    • The pilot light 
    • Checking for frozen pipes 
    • Checking for boiler fault codes 

    What are some common boiler problems? 

    The most common boiler problems can include: 

    • Pilot light keeps going out 
    • Boiler is making noises  
    • No heating or hot water 
    • Low boiler pressure 
    • Radiators are cold 
    • Boiler is kettling 
    • Boiler is leaking 

    What can cause a boiler to fail or to break down? 

    Neglecting regular maintenance or failing to schedule maintenance at all can lead to boiler breakdowns. In fact, inadequate or absent maintenance ranks among the primary reasons for boiler failure.

    Does my boiler warranty cover my smart thermostat? 

    Smart thermostats are increasingly popular for their ability to help you save money on heating bills.

    The Bosch smart thermostat will be covered under warranty as long as it’s installed and registered at the same time as the boiler.

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    Any more questions?


    What is the typical warranty for a boiler? 

    All boiler brands usually offer a standard warranty ranging between 1 to 5 years, but nowadays, it is more common for manufacturers to offer a free extended warranty that can range from 2 to 10 years. 

    What is the biggest cause for boiler breakdown? 

    Running out of heating oil is one of the top reasons for a boiler breakdown. Checking your oil should always be the first thing to put in mind before assuming there is another fault. This problem can be a simple fix. All you need to do is order your oil, get an emergency delivery to your home and top-up your tank.

    How do I check my boiler warranty?

    Contact the manufacturer or check the warranty documentation provided with your boiler for details on how to verify the warranty status.