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Updated: June 5, 2024

If you are looking for a good air conditioner, then you can’t go wrong with Mitsubishi. They offer models that are reliable and efficient. Mitsubishi is well known on the market. They have been an iconic household name for decades now. What is more, they produce affordable, reliable and functional air conditioners that can stand the test of time. Their innovative designs and pleasantly-looking units make them stand out from the rest.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Ranges

Air conditioners can help you both cool and control your environment, so they can be used all year round. Mitsubishi offers a wide range of AC units that includes residential and commercial AC units.

Mitsubishi units can both cool and heat your home or business, making them ideal for all seasons. Their range of AC units includes wall-mounted, multi-split and HVRF systems.

Here’s a list of Mitsubishi AC units range:

  • City Multi – Hybrid VRF Air Conditioning
  • City Multi VRF Air Conditioning
  • Mr Slim – split air conditioning
  • M Series – Split Air Conditioning
  • Multi-Split Air Conditioning
Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Mitsubishi split air conditioners specifications and Features 

Energy Efficiency: Highlight high SEER and SCOP ratings, inverter technology.

Mitsubishi AC units have achieved the rank “Rank A++” for SEER and “Rank A+” for SCOP as energy-savings rating. This is thanks to their use of inverter technology that is adopted to provide automatic adjustment of operation load according to need and usage. Mitsubishi state-of-the-art inverter technology ensures maximum energy efficiency and saving.

Quiet Operation: Mention noise levels and quiet modes.

Mitsubishi AC units feature low noise levels that can provide comfort to your household day and night. These units have an extremely quiet mood operation, especially at night to help you enjoy a good night sleep. 

Smart Controls: Discuss Wi-Fi connectivity, app control, and integration with smart home systems.

Mitsubishi air conditioning units have a built-in interface that  can enable users to control air conditioners and check operating status via devices such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Through the use of smart devices and Wi-Fi you can easily control your AC unit.

Air Purification: Explain filters and technologies for improving indoor air quality.

Mitsubishi use of innovative filter technology can help you clear the air around in your home. Their air purifying filters generate antibacterial and deodorising effects. The superior air-cleaning effectiveness of this filter technology raises room comfort yet to another level so that you can enjoy cooling of the best quality.

Design and Aesthetics: Mention sleek designs and color options. 

Mitsubishi sleek air conditioning designs can pleasantly blend into your surroundings. Their modern look and design can make them pleasant to look at. They are available in different cool colours that are modern and aesthetically spectacular. 

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Choosing the Right Mitsubishi Air Conditioner

Room Size: Explain BTU calculations and sizing considerations.

You might find yourself asking “what size air conditioner do I need?” Well, there is an easy way to find out. This can be done by using a BTU air conditioning calculator. There is no room for errors. If you choose an AC unit that is too small, you will end up with a unit that cannot cool your room. And a unit that is too big won’t be able to remove moisture from your room and will keep it clammy and uncomfortable.

What is a BTU?

A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a measuring system of how much energy is needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree. 

So how does this relate to air conditioning? Well, each air conditioner is rated to generate a number of BTUs. We will put together a set of tools in order to help with sizing air conditioning units.

There’s a helpful chart that can be of use. However keep in mind that this chart is based on a standard room size with 8-foot ceilings, one door and two windows. 

Square FeetBTU’S
150 – 2006.000
200 – 2507,000
250 – 3008,000
300 – 35010,000
350 – 40012,000
400 – 45014,000
450 – 50015,000
500 – 60018,000
600 – 70020,000
700 – 80022,000
800 – 90025,000

Cooling/Heating Needs: Consider if you need a heat pump model.

To put it simply, heat pumps are a special kind of air conditioner. Heat pumps can keep your home cool when it’s hot outside. This is possible when your heat pump removes unwanted heat from your home and pumps it outside. 

However, unlike regular AC units, heat pumps can also provide heating when it’s cold outside. It’s the same process but just done in reverse. Heat pumps have the ability to pick up heat from outside even when the weather is cold and then pump it inside to keep your house warm. 

Budget: Discuss price ranges and value for money.

There are various types and brands of air conditioners. And of course, each one has its own price range depending on size and power. Generally speaking, air conditioning units in the UK can cost between £600 to £15,000. 

Type of air conditioning systemAverage cost
Window-mounted air conditioning for one room£500 – £1,300
Ducted air conditioning system for one room£2,500 – £4,000
Ducted A/C for a six-room house£10,000 – £15,000
Split air conditioning for one room£1,000 – £2,000

Features: Prioritize the features most important to you.

When you want to get a new air conditioning unit, we advise that you prioritise the features that you need in an AC unit. After all, you want a system that can make your home more comfortable in all seasons. Some people care more about the design of an AC unit because they want something modern-looking that can blend into their rooms. Others care about efficiency; others look for the greenest model on the market. 

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Top Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Models in the UK

○ Create a list of 3-5 top-rated models across different ranges (Mr. Slim, M Series, etc.).

○ Include a brief overview of each model, key features, pros/cons, and approximate pricing.

○ Optionally, include a comparison table for easy reference.

Mitsubishi has an amazing range of Air conditioners that can be used for different homes and cooling requirements. 

City Multi HVRF

The City Multi Hybrid VRF AC is a 2-pipe heat recovery VRF with water between the Hybrid Branch Controller (HBC) and indoor units. You can install and design it as VRF whilst enjoying the features of a Chiller system.

The HVRF range now includes both horizontal and vertical HBC controllers. These controls allow for greater freedom and flexibility in system design and installation.

HVRF can be used to both cool and heat a wide range of commercial buildings such as  offices, schools, hotels, shopping centres and other commercial businesses.

City Multi VRF

This unit is ideal for medium to large properties that demand high performance with optimum efficiency. The Mitsubishi City Multi VRF range can run numerous indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

Mr Slim – split air conditioning

This unit is suitable to cool or heat a huge variety of buildings such as offices and retail units. Mitsubishi Mr Slim range is one of the UK’s best selling air conditioning split-systems. It is also available utilising low GWP R32 refrigerant. Mr Slim air conditioners are best suited for offices and retail spaces.

M Series – Split Air Conditioning

This range is designed to cool or heat small to medium sized spaces, such as small offices, retail units and homes. The Mitsubishi M Series splits range provides a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution. The M Series range is available in wall or floor mounted types.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning

The Mitsubishi multi-room air conditioning systems allow connections of between two and eleven indoor units to a single outdoor unit. The flexibility of the range will allow you to create a system that best matches a building’s layout and design.

Pros of Multi-Split Air Conditioning

  • gives you the ability to control each indoor unit independently  
  • More energy efficient and cost-saving than other air conditioning systems
  • gives you the ability to heat and cool rooms independently

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner installation  (H2):

○ Emphasize the importance of professional installation.

Professional air conditioning installation can ensure that your cooling system is working evenly throughout your home, eliminating hotspots or uneven temperature distribution around your property. 

A professional installer will put in mind the layout of your home and the proper ductwork that follows in order to make the best of your new unit. 

What is more, in most cases your warranty will require professional installation. Otherwise, you might risk invalidating your warranty. Professional installation can also mean a safer installation process that is error-free. 

○ Provide tips on basic maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

In order to keep your AC unit working smoothly, some basic maintenance will be required.

  1. Inspecting and replacing filters

Cleaning your AC’s filter is an important step during any AC maintenance job. Filters are essential when it comes to the air quality. A dirty filter can greatly impact the air quality of your AC unit. 

A blocked filter can also reduce the airflow of your AC unit and make it work harder. Something that can stress your system and make it lose its efficiency.

  1. Checking and cleaning the condensate drain 

A clogged drain can be a sign indicating that your AC unit requires immediate servicing. This condensate drain expels the condensation resulting from the refrigeration cycle. Things such as mold, slime and algae can accumulate over time and cause a blockage in the drain line. 

  1. Cleaning the indoor unit of your AC

Layers of dirt, grime mold and dust can accumulate on your AC indoor unit. You can find them on the fan barrel or the coil. These substances can cause moldy smell and poor airflow. A piece of cloth, a slightly dampened washer or a feather duster can be used to gently remove the dirt and other matters. 

AC units can be cleaned chemically but this is better be left for a professional technician for safety and technical considerations.

  1. Cleaning the outdoor unit of your AC

The area around your outdoor unit should be cleared. You don’t want anything restricting the air flow around your unit. Any items such as boxes, bins, home equipment, etc. should be removed.

Any substances which might have accumulated on your outdoor unit, such as dust, grime and so on, should be removed. When it comes to cleaning the inside of your outdoor unit, then it is better to leave that job to a professional technician. Otherwise, you risk damaging your unit and that might cost you money on expensive repairs. 

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Office Air Conditioning 

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Maintenance 

Having your AC unit serviced and maintained annually by a professional technician can help keep your system operating smoothly and efficiently. A well-maintained AC unit can work more efficiently and thus saving you money on high energy bills. 

During an AC service, your technician can detect problems in their early stage and therefore prevent them from getting worse. Fixing a problem early on can save you money on expensive repairs that may develop later on if the problem was left unfixed. 

Mitsubishi air conditioner warranty 

 Mitsubishi offers a standard 12 month warranty or a three year extended warranty. However, you can get a five year warranty with an accredited Mitsubishi installer. 

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