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Updated: May 18, 2024

Potterton Boiler Error Codes

Potterton are well known for their boilers which are reasonably priced and reliable to use. They always aim for high performance and use top-quality parts.

That being said, boilers of top quality do sometimes tend to have certain issues. On this page you will find the error codes or faults of Potterton boilers and what they indicate, in addition to possible ways to fix these issues.

A short history of Potterton

Potterton dates back as far as 1850. This makes it one of the oldest boiler brands in business. It was founded by Thomas Potterton in Balham, London. They have completed their first gas boiler installation in 1902.

Potterton is actually a part of BDR Thermea Group. A company which is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of beating and how water products across Europe. They operate in more than 70 countries and have a staff of 60,000 employees around the globe.

Potterton produce a wide range of boilers that you can choose from. They offer boilers from the standard core range, the Promax range, the Ultra Heat range, and the Assure range; to their more premium ranges, such as the Gold and Titanium range. When it comes to warranty, then they offer a warranty of 1-7 years. That, of course, depends on the model of the boiler.

It is important to keep in mind that in order for a warranty to be valid, your boiler must be registered within 30 days of installation and it should also have annual service. The Benchmark Commissioning Checklist must also be completed and given to the householder by the Gas Safe engineer. Your warranty will be void if these guidelines are not followed.

Promax Combi, System, and Store Error Codes

Fault Codes  The Cause 
E10Outdoor sensor error
E20Central heating thermistor sensor fault
E28Flue thermistor fault
E50Domestic hot water sensor fault
E110Boiler overheat tripped
E119System pressure too low
E125Primary water circulation fault
E130Flue thermostat sensor tripped (lockout)
E131Flue overheat lockout
E133Ignition fault
E151Printed circuit board (PCB) error
E152PCB error
E160Fan fault
E161Fan fault
E164Domestic hot water sensor error – could be a heating flow switch error)
E167Printed circuit board (PCB) fault
E168Printed circuit board (PCB) lockout

Potterton Assure Combi and system Boiler Error Codes

Fault CodeThe Cause
E09Gas valve connection cable fault
E10External probe fault
E12Differential water flow switch is still open
E13Differential water flow switch is still closed
E15Fault with the gas valve command
E20Central heating negative temperature coefficient (NTC) fault
E28Flue negative temperature coefficient (NTC) fault
E40Central heating return negative temperature coefficient (NTC) fault
E50Domestic hot water (DHW) negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensor (tank boiler) (s.c) or DHW NTC sensor (tank boiler) (o.c.) Fault
E83 / E84 / E85 / E86 / E87Communication error
E109Pre-circulation fault
E110Boiler Max temperature exceeded for gradient (or overtemperature) Probable pump jammed or air in the circuit or Safety thermostat sensor tripped
E118Primary system water pressure too low
E125Primary circulation fault
E128Flame failure (12 times)
E129Frequent loss of flame (safety error)
E130Flue thermostat sensor tripped and locked out
E133Possible gas supply issue (failure to light)
E134Elapsed time gas valve open without gas
E135Internal error (interruption of gas supply)
E154Flow/return sensor temperature test
E160Problem with fan (possible wiring fault)
E163Domestic hot water (DHW) negative temperature coefficient (NTC) sensor fault (s.c.) or DHW NTC sensor fault (o.c.)
E270Dry fire
E317Wrong power supply (HZ)
E321Hot water fault
E384False flame
E385Under voltage
E430Water pressure test
E430 + Flame crossedWater pressure test failed

Potterton Promax Ultra, Gold/Titanium Combi & System Boiler Error Codes

Fault CodeThe Cause 
E09Gas valve wiring fault
E10Outdoor sensor error
E15Gas valve connection fault
E20Central heating thermistor sensor fault
E28Flue thermistor fault
E40Central heating return thermistor fault
E50Domestic hot water sensor fault
E53Flue obstruction
E55Calibration required
E78Water pressure sensor fault
E83 / 84 / 85 / 86 / 87No communication between room controller and boiler
E92Combustion test alarm during auto-setting
E109Poor circulation
E110Boiler overheat tripped
E117System pressure too high (>2.9 bar)
E118System pressure too low
E125Primary water circulation fault
E128Loss of flame during operation
E129Loss of flame during calibration
E130Flue thermostat sensor tripped (lockout)
E133Ignition fault
E135Internal error
E154Primary flow fault
E160Fan fault
E270Dry fire
E317Wrong power supply (HZ)
E321Hot water thermistor fault
E384Flame detected when gas valve off (false flame)
E385Low voltage (less than 195v)

However, in some cases, getting a new boiler might be more cost-effective than getting your old boiler fixed. Some issues might be costly to fix. What is more, a new boiler will probably be more efficient and can help you save both money and energy. That is why getting a new boiler is a good investment in the long run.

Get a quote from Let’s Heat. We have a large range of products and our staff of Gas Safe engineers provides an excellent service that is both professional and reliable. In addition, we can help you get the boiler that best fits your house and heat requirements.

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How long should a Potterton boiler last?

Boilers should last effectively for up to 15 years, and not be subjected to constant repairs. Add to this energy inefficiency and higher electricity bills, and you should know it’s time to find a boiler engineer to replace your boiler.

Is a Potterton boiler good?

Potterton boilers are known to be reliable. All of these models have a high energy efficiency rating, so you will see a reduction in your energy bills if you’re replacing an old, non-condensing unit.

How efficient is my Potterton boiler?

The Potterton Suprima 50L has a SAP seasonal efficiency rating of 78.1%. The Suprima 50L is a Non-Condensing Conventional boiler with a maximum power output of 14.7kw that uses Gas as its fuel source.