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  • Reliable Commercial Gas Engineers in Cardiff and South Wales

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    Updated: April 9, 2024

    Looking For Commercial Gas Engineers in Cardiff?

    Let’s Heat stands as the foremost authority in commercial gas engineering, specializing in top-tier commercial boiler installations and repairs throughout Cardiff and the wider South Wales region. Our team comprises seasoned engineers who boast expertise in both domestic and commercial gas systems. Fully accredited by Gas Safe, our

    engineers possess qualifications spanning various commercial heating systems, catering to diverse settings such as offices, restaurants, residential properties, and more. Trust Let’s Heat for unparalleled service and expertise in commercial gas engineering solutions.

    Commercial Gas Services Cardiff:

    Let’s Heat’s gas engineering services in Cardiff encompass a comprehensive range of offerings, starting with bathroom installation and emergency bathroom services. Additionally, we specialize in kitchen installations to meet

    your needs. Our expertise extends to boiler repairs, maintenance, and boiler installations, ensuring your heating system operates smoothly and efficiently. Count on Let’s Heat for all your gas engineering needs, from bathroom emergencies to kitchen installations and boiler services.

    Plumbing Services Cardiff:

    In addition to our role as commercial gas engineers in Cardiff, Let’s Heat offers comprehensive plumbing services to fulfill all your needs. This includes boiler repairs, maintenance, and boiler installation services to ensure your

    heating system functions optimally. Furthermore, we specialize in all aspects of commercial plumbing and heating services, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your requirements. Trust Let’s Heat for expert plumbing and heating services in Cardiff and beyond.

    Commercial Heating Services:

    Our company offers a comprehensive range of heating services tailored for various types of commercial properties, including those with different types of boilers. We prioritize delivering work of the highest quality and adhering to the strictest safety standards. All our engineers are commercially qualified, Gas Safe registered, and possess the necessary accreditations to carry out work on commercial heating systems.

    Gas Engineers in Cardiff:

    Our team of Let’s Heat Gas engineers in Cardiff is known for their reliability and trustworthiness. We provide round-the-clock service, responding to calls at any time of the day or night. Our gas engineers specialize in a wide

    range of services, from kitchen and bathroom services to domestic and gas-related tasks. This includes gas boiler installation and emergency repairs. Our services cover Cardiff and the surrounding CF post code areas in South Wales.

    Boiler Repair & Installation:

    If you encounter issues with your gas boiler and are unsure about the next steps to take, our Gas Engineers in Cardiff can assist you. We offer an easy-to-use online questionnaire that will guide you through the necessary

    information. This way, we can provide you with the best gas engineer services tailored to your needs. Whether you require a full gas boiler replacement or a heat pump, we can help you choose the right option and take care of the delivery and installation process.

    Gas Safety Certificate Commercial:

    Let’s Heat provides gas safety certificates for commercial and industrial properties throughout the UK. Our team consists of over 8 commercial Gas Safe registered engineers who can ensure your business remains compliant with gas safety regulations. Obtaining a gas safety certificate is crucial to maintain valid insurance coverage, ensure employee safety, and keep your company operational.

    Gas Safety for Business:

    Commercial properties are legally required to undergo an annual gas safety check for their gas appliances. Once the inspection is complete, and your property successfully passes, we can issue a commercial gas safety certificate for your business. This certificate serves as proof that your commercial gas appliances meet the necessary safety standards.

    Plumbing and Heating:

    Our specialization extends beyond heating services to include commercial plumbing solutions. We offer replacements, maintenance, installations, and servicing for plumbing systems in commercial properties throughout

    the Cardiff area. Our experienced commercial engineers can handle various tasks related to central heating systems and air-conditioning units, catering to the needs of large business premises and warehouses.

    Finance for Boiler Replacement:

    If your boiler requires replacement and repair is not possible, we can assist you with financing options if needed. Purchasing and installing a new boiler is an investment that can be costly, especially when paying for it upfront. We provide finance packages that are FCA-approved, allowing you to spread the cost over time. Additionally, we offer split payment options to provide you with flexibility when considering payment methods.

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    Can I get next-day boiler repair?

    With Let’s Heat, you can always get next-day boiler repair services as well as Emergency call boiler repair services.

    If you order your boiler repair services before 12 pm during the colder months, and 2 pm in the warmer months we can book your boiler repair services for the following day.

    So, Why Let’s Heat Commercial Gas Engineers in Cardiff?

    Because we care, Still a little confused about where to start or who to use?

    The questionnaire on our website is designed to gather all the necessary information to ensure we understand your needs and budget accurately. This helps us provide you with the most suitable solution for your requirements. We prioritize your satisfaction and will ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with any solutions we propose before proceeding with the job.

    Why else?

    • Full coverage of Cardiff and surrounding areas of South Wales.
    • We are reliable and trustworthy.
    • A high Trustpilot score of 4.9 out of 5.
    • Gas Safe Accredited (corgi registered).
    • Finance is FCA accredited.
    • Competitive prices.
    • We make sure your house is kept clean and tidy during any work.
    • Our workmen use floor protection.
    • We make sure your rubbish is rightly disposed of.
    • Provide a 12-month snag guarantee.
    • Lastly, we travel anywhere throughout England & Wales.

    Let’s Heat – Quality & Accredited Commercial Gas Engineers in Cardiff:

    The Let’s Heat gas engineer and plumbing team in Cardiff and the surrounding areas of South Wales is known for providing reliable and professional services. Our team consists of fully qualified gas engineers and plumbers who

    take pride in delivering excellent work. We handle a wide range of tasks, including commercial installations, repairs, maintenance, and emergency services, all executed to high standards.

    When it comes to pricing, we encourage you to contact us anytime to obtain a quote tailored to your specific needs. You can reach out to us directly or fill out our online form, and we will promptly provide you with the necessary information.

    At Let’s Heat, we strive to offer competitive pricing for the services provided by our commercial gas engineers. If you happen to receive a quote from another provider, please get in touch with us, and we will do our best to either beat or at least match it. Your satisfaction is our priority.

    Our heating services are offered by Let’s Heat, a trusted plumbing and heating company operating in Cardiff and South Wales. We have a team of highly qualified and highly rated gas engineers who are capable of handling emergency heating and plumbing services. Please see below for the areas we cover:

    Cardiff (including CF post code areas)
    Surrounding areas of South Wales
    We are dedicated to providing efficient and professional solutions to meet your heating and plumbing needs.

    Full range of heating & plumbing services provided by our Cardiff team of gas engineers:

    • Boiler Repairs & Installations
    • Boiler Supply & Fit
    • commercial gas engineer near me
    • Financing Your Boiler Purchase
    • Emergency Boiler Repairs & Installations
    • Emergency Boiler Supply & Fit
    • Plumbing Repairs
    • Bathroom Plumbing
    • Kitchen Plumbing
    • Emergency Plumbing Repairs
    • Bathroom Plumbing in an emergency
    • Emergency Kitchen Plumbing
    • General Plumbing Services
    • Plumbing Services in an emergency
    • Emergency Gas & Heating Engineer
    • engineers cardiff and south wales
    • gas engineer cardiff

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    Reliable Commercial Gas Engineers in Cardiff

    Research your boiler repair needs and choose your boiler repair services online, without leaving the house…

    If you require boiler repair services, our dedicated team of boiler engineers is here to assist you. Whether you need minor repairs or a full boiler replacement, we have you covered.

    We offer 24/7 repair and installation services to ensure that your boiler issues are addressed promptly. Our nationwide coverage allows us to replace and repair boilers across the country. For added convenience, we provide next-day repair and installation for orders placed before 12/2 pm during Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter.

    With our extensive experience and knowledge in boiler installation, repair, and maintenance, you can trust us to handle all aspects of your boiler needs. If you have any further questions, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on our website for your reference. Additionally, please feel free to reach out to us directly for any specific inquiries you may have.

    Our gas engineers provide services in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. We cover a wide range of locations to ensure that our customers receive reliable and efficient service. If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to visit our FAQ page, as it may contain the information you are seeking. You can also check out our blog for additional resources.

    For your peace of mind, we are Gas Safe registered, and our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our near 5-star rating on Trustpilot. To verify our Gas Safe registration or view our Trustpilot rating, please click on the respective links, which will direct you to the appropriate pages.

    Areas covered by our Boiler Repair Cardiff Services:

    Local Boiler Repair Services

    Let’s Heat’s team of boiler engineers operates throughout Wales and England, providing reliable boiler repair services.


    We offer comprehensive boiler repair and emergency boiler repair services across Wales, including the following regions: South East Wales, South Wales, South West Wales, Mid Wales, East Wales, West Wales, and North Wales.

    Welsh Cities:

    Our services cover major Welsh cities such as Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, as well as all other towns and cities in Wales.


    Let’s Heat also provides boiler repair and emergency boiler repair services throughout England, including the following regions: South West England, South East England, East Midlands, West Midlands, and North West England, as well as North East England.

    English Cities:

    We cater to all English cities, including London, Reading, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, Gloucester, Swindon, Oxford, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Newcastle, Sunderland, and Middlesbrough, among others.

    Let’s Heat is your trusted local provider for boiler repair services. Whether you are located in Wales or England, we cover a wide range of areas and cities to ensure that your boiler issues are promptly and professionally addressed. Contact us for reliable and efficient boiler repair solutions.

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    How much does a gas engineer charge per hour UK?

    Most gas engineer can charge between £90 to £140 per hour in the day depending on the size of the company, area, reputation and the response time.

    Can a domestic gas engineer work on commercial?

    A gas engineer needs to have a lot more qualifications to work on a commercial appliance than what a domestic gas engineer needs.

    What is a commercial gas engineer?

    Commercial Gas Engineers should be able to carry out installations, inspections, diagnosing problems/faults/leaks, testing, repair and maintenance of both residential and commercial heating systems.