Let’s Heat Ltd acts as a credit broker and not a lender, offering credit products provided by a limited number of finance providers.
Let’s Heat Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Please note that the 12-month interest free product is not regulated.

Any late or missed repayments may have serious consequences and your credit rating may be affected which could make it more difficult to obtain credit in the future. Offered subject to status and successful credit assessment. Terms and conditions apply.

Registered in England and Wales No. 12557255 (VAT No. GB366940857). The registered office is Connies House, Rhymney River Bridge Rd, Cardiff CF23 9AF.

We are also Renewable Energy Consumer Code certified 00074696 –  Gas Safe Number: 634670 –  FGas Number: FGAS3008166 – MCS Number: APH-47750.

you will enter in respect of Let’s Heat In all clauses, the company refers to Let’s Heat. If you are uncertain as to your rights under them or want any explanation about them, please write or telephone us at the address or telephone number given.

Our Terms in General:

 After completing your order, there will be a contract established between you (the customer) and us (Let’s Heat). This contract will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Your order will confirm that the owner of the property in question is you or that you have permission from the owner himself

2. The minimum age for placing an order by using our website is 18.

3. These terms and conditions are liable for change so please make sure to always check the latest version.

4. The reviews and comments found on our website only express the opinions of those who wrote them and do not reflect our views concerning our products.

5. If a dispute should take place between the customer and the company, then it will be resolved by the courts of England, Wales and Scotland if your property is there.

6. This contract includes nothing that will affect our legal rights or your legal rights that the law cannot exclude.

7. Texts, videos, pictures and any other material must not be copied or reproduced without the permission of the company as they are subject to copyright restrictions.

8. Intellectual property and the trademarks of our company must not be copied or reproduced as they are protected.

9. The information you supply on our website will be treated as confidential.

10. This agreement is personal to you and not transferable without written authority from Let’s Heat

11. The company shall not have any liability for any failure to perform its obligations under any quotation if it is prevented from doing so by any cause reasonably beyond its control; including without limitation; adverse weather conditions, fire, accident or war, a failure or delay attributable to any electricity, water or gas network, the act or omission of any party for whom the company is not responsible.

12. The company will not be liable under this agreement for any loss or damage caused by the company or its employees or agents in circumstances where:

• There is no breach or illegal duty of care owed to you by the company or by any of the company’s employees or agents.

 Such loss of damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach.

 Any increase in loss or damage resulting from breach by you of any term of this contract.

13. The company does not exclude any liability for loss of or damage to property directly resulting from the company’s breach of the agreement, but the Company’s liability for such loss or damage shall be limited to those losses which are of a foreseeable consequence of the breach in respect of any one incident or series of incidents whether related or unrelated in any period of twenty-four months.

The Ordering Process

 1. The company has quoted the cost of installing central heating and/or plumbing equipment that meets the requirements of your home. Once you have accepted this quotation in accordance with our terms, the company undertakes to carry out all the works necessary to complete the work described in your specification and this quotation is subject to the conditions contained in this agreement.

2. Our online quote provides a fixed online price for our customers for a boiler installation. This process will use the information the customer provides about their home and the heating system they currently use. Customers are able to check on different products. Then they can choose a replacement boiler. We offer replacement boilers as part of standard packages and we include installation by a GasSafe engineer. Customers will have the ability to go with the standard package or if they want, they can get additional products or accessories as part of a bundle.

3. Company charges – All charges are clearly laid on within our quotation. For institutions when a quotation has not and /or cannot be provided (i.e.: Immediate emergency works), then our normal charges apply and are as follows: £70 + vat per hour for the first 3 hours and £50 per hour thereafter during normal working hours(evening and weekend prices may vary). Additional charges will be applied for the supply of any parts and materials as needed and these will be clearly laid out on the invoice you receive.

4. Acceptance of quotation can be made by electronic email to [email protected].

5. Where an order includes customised items these items will be non-refundable once the order is placed with us, and should you cancel your order with us the cost of any custom items shall still be payable in full. Where a previously accepted order is cancelled with less than 7 days’ notice we reserve the right to still invoice you for any items that are priced at £500 or greater.

6. The company will carry out the whole of the work specified in this quotation at the price quoted during normal business hours, which are between 8 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday. Any variations or additions requested by you will be subject to an additional charge and if the company is delayed or prevented from installing by the agreed date due to delay or default on your part, the company may on written notice to you add to the charges at a reasonable sum in respect of any additional costs incurred.

7. Our customers will have the ability to select the installation date using our booking calendar once they get the quote most suitable for them. After that, we ask our customers to provide both their contact and payment information.

8. If you require a particular date for the works to be carried out, the company will do all that it reasonably can to meet the dates given for the installation. The company also understands that there might be instances when a date for installation cannot be met by you, and as a result, no party shall be liable for costs or able to cancel this agreement. In case of unforeseen circumstances, beyond the reasonable control of the company or you, the company will contact you and agree on an alternative date.

9. Part of the payment should be secured before starting the installation process. You can make your payment through a credit/debit card, PayPal or an approved boiler finance agreement. Then, we will confirm your order either by email or telephone. You will need to provide both honest and accurate information for the quote to be fixed and accepted, and as a result, valid.

10. The installation process will come to a stop if upon visiting the site we find out that the information you provided is inaccurate or false. In that case you will have to provide another quote using the correct information. However, if you want to go with the same quote, a new agreement must be reached. But you should keep in mind that this might not be possible to do on the same date of installation. On the other hand, if you don’t want to proceed, then we will cancel your order and a full refund will be issued.

11. Let’s Heat have the full right to cancel or to refuse any order.

12. Based on the questions that you answered during the online quote, we will recommend and suggest a boiler and additional products. However, it falls under the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the product they want to get is the right one for their home concerning its dimensions, power as well as performance.

13. You will be asked to provide Let’s Heat with photographs of your current boiler and other parts like the flue and so on by uploading these photos to our website. If you can’t upload the needed photographs, then you can email them to us at [email protected]. But please make sure to include your order number as a reference. However, if you cannot provide photographs, then you can reach out to us by phone or email to inform us of that fact.

14. You can provide us with these photos as soon as you place your order (if possible). It is advisable that you provide us with these photographs within 4 hours after placing your order. Otherwise, your order might be delayed or cancelled.

15. Someone must be present at the property when it is time to deliver the products.

16. The information and the products you see on our website are only intended as a guide. Some of these products might be upgraded or modified to newer models and technologies. We have the right to change these products without prior notice to the customer.


 You can choose from a variety of additional products to be included with your new boiler Purchase. These products would sometimes eliminate standard parts which are part of the original purchase. These upgrades include:


The flush is used to clear out any debris or sludge that may have accumulated over the years. However, it will not be able to do much with blocked pipework which needs replacing.

Zone Valves:

These valves will not be included in your package. They are priced individually.

Scale Reducers:

The purpose of a scale reducer is to reduce the amount of scale in an appliance. Scale reducers are installed under the boiler. We recommend people who live in areas with hard water of above 200 parts per million (ppm) to have these.

Central Heating Pump:

We can also replace your central heating pump if you want your current one to be replaced. You should be aware that the heating pump cannot be relocated without consent or an agreement.


Smart thermostats require Wi-Fi or broadband connection. It will fall under your responsibility to download the needed smartphone application and set everything up. We fit different types of thermostats like hive, nest and tado.

Workmanship Warranty:

Whether your warranty is 12 months or 60 months, the terms of your warranty will be the same regardless of the time period. Extended warranties, however, only cover the labour and installation of the parts in need of replacement. Refunds of any kind aren’t offered, should a cancellation occur.


Credit/debit card:

All of our transactions are safe and secure. You will only be charged for what you purchase. Payment will be considered as received once it shows up in the company’s bank account as cleared funds.

Boiler Finance:

You can use the boiler finance plan that we offer. You should be aware that our role in the process is as the credit broker and not as the lender. If you choose to make a deposit, then you will have to pay it before the installation takes place. Should your finances, for some reason, get cancelled, your order and the booking arrangements will be cancelled as well. Finance options. Credit is subject to status and affordability. Other finance and payment options are available. Finance is provided by panels of lenders with whom we (Let’s Heat) have a commercial relationship, so we are not able / cannot provide independent advice. Let’s Heat acts as a credit broker, not a lender and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

1. The invoices we issue will be made after the payment has been made and after the installation of the products. We have the right to delay or defer all work without facing any penalty if your payment is outstanding.

2. The products we supply will remain the property of the company, even after installation, until they have been fully paid for by the customer. We have the right of re-entry in order to remove any unpaid-for products.

3. If you choose to pay with boiler finance, we may introduce you a third party finance provider.

4. You will need to have a separate agreement with that provider if you have entered into a credit card agreement with him.

5. After the customer picks up a date for installation, they would have an hour to make the necessary payment. Failure to do so will result in the company offering another installation date.

6. Title in the goods will not pass to the Buyer but shall be retained pending payment in full of the price. Until such time as title passes to the Buyer, the Seller shall have an absolute authority to re-take, sell or otherwise deal with or dispose of all or any part of the goods in which title remains vested in them.

7. For the purposes specified above, the Seller or any of their agents or authorised representatives shall be entitled at any reasonable time during normal working hours to enter without notice onto any premises where the goods or any part of the goods are installed, stored or kept or are reasonably believed to be.

8. The Seller shall also be entitled to seek an injunction to prevent the Buyer from selling, transferring or otherwise disposing of the goods.

9. For all projects where stage payment terms apply, payment MUST be paid within 7 days of each stage completion. Failure to do so will instigate legal proceedings.

10. In the event of any alleged minor defects the customer shall not be entitled to withhold more than 5% or £250 (whichever is greater) of the balance due.

11. Once the company has corrected the minor defect as outlined in clause 20, the withheld amount, 5% or £250 must be paid in full.

12. Where payments are not made up on the due date as per the above clauses, the company will charge daily interest on late payments at a rate of 3% above the base lending rate of HSBC. If you paid the deposit of the final balance by debit/credit card, cheque or direct debit and payment is declined, stopped or returned by the bank for any reason, the company will charge you administration costs (letters and telephone calls made to you and any other charges incurred).

13You will be sent an invoice for payment within seven days of installation completion. Failure to make payment within specific time periods as outlined within the quotation and/or the Terms and Conditions will instigate legal proceedings to commence. These will be carried by a registered Legal firm and all proceedings will be governed in accordance with English Law.


  1. The customer has the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason, providing the following conditions are met.
  2. Notice of cancellation is emailed to [email protected] or by completing an enquiry form via our Contact Us page before any delivery is made, or within 14 days of the order being placed
  3. Any cancellation email sent by the customer must be clear in their instruction. The following wording may be used but is not mandatory “I/ we hereby give notice of cancellation for order number (insert order number) for the supply of (items you wish to cancel) to (property address). Signed (insert your name).”
  4. The customer will lose their right to cancellation should the company complete the installation of their boiler within 14 days of the order being placed and you have requested that the company perform services within these 14 days. In this situation, it will be deemed that the company has been asked to carry out urgent repairs or maintenance at your premises.
  5.  If the materials have been delivered, but the works have not commenced, then the customer can cancel the order and receive a partial refund, less the costs related to the delivery and collection of materials. Only the company’s appointed transporters will be used.
  6. If the materials have been delivered and the installer has been allocated within your 14-day cancellation period, the customer will be responsible for the cost of both the installer’s attendance and the cost of delivery and collection of materials arranged by the company.
  7. Refunds are processed through our payment provider Stripe and take between 5-10 working days to process from the time a refund is requested. All refunds will carry a 2% handling charge if you the customer cancel the installation before any work commence. This applies to all cancellations of this kind/type.

8. We have the right to accept or refuse an order until an inspection of the site has been made and the job accepted by the appointed engineer.


1. Communication between both the customer and the company can be via telephone, email or text message. You shall get an order confirmation after placing your order either by phone, email or text message. We will also reach out to you a day before the installation date to remind you of the appointed date.

2. Your contact information shall be shared with the installation engineer and the suppliers that have been appointed to install your boiler.

3. Treating our employees and engineers with respect is very important to us. We will not tolerate any abusive or disrespectful treatment towards our employees. Your order will be cancelled if such an incident occurs. You will get a full refund but you will have to pay for any cancellation fees.

4. Threats and abusive treatment will be reported to the authorities to be dealt with properly.

5. We should be notified of any local restrictions that can hinder the delivery of the products such as parking restrictions, long stair climbs, foot-carrying distances, steep stair climbs, etc.


1. All of our contractors here at Let’s Heat are fully qualified and Gas Safe Registered. Moreover, they have been trained to the highest standards and they perform their job professionally.

2. Securing permissions, licenses or permits falls under the responsibility of the customer. If you are a tenant, you may need your landlord’s permission for an installation to be carried out. The company will assume such permission has been granted and shall have no liability for any loss or damage arising from failure to obtain such permission.

You shall at your own expense obtain all necessary consents for the installation of the works, including (without installation) building regulations and planning consents, consents from neighbours and mortgages.

3. The customer is also required to provide a safe workplace for our employees upon attending the installation site. Our employees are permitted to leave the premises if they are treated abusively or disrespectfully.

4. Making sure that there is a suitable parking space for our engineers to park their cars in also falls under the responsibility of the customer. Parking fees should be covered by the customer in advance.

5. To do our work properly, the Customer or their representative is required to have full control over the isolation of gas, water and electricity on the date of installation. Otherwise, the installation might be delayed, postponed, or even cancelled.

6. We are only permitted and allowed to install gas appliances in properties that have a domestic gas meter. As a result, we will be unable to help if your property is fitted with a commercial gas meter.

7. You will be told of any increase in cost if upon visiting the site, it is agreed that special equipment is required or extra work is involved. You will have a refund if no such agreement is reached.

8. Our supplier will deliver the products to your home. However, in some cases, the installation engineer will bring them along with him. Sometimes, the products will be at your home before the installation time. It falls under your responsibility to keep the products in a dry and a safe place.

9. We are not in any way responsible for any damages caused to your home if your home already has some defects or weak structure. Any damages caused to your floors, decorations etc. will not be covered by Let’s Heat.

10. It’s not our responsibility to fix any already existing blocked or leaking pipework. This is not included in your deal.

11. We are not responsible if your new boiler doesn’t function as well as it should due to problems with your pipework.

12. The company will take all reasonable care to carry out the installation. However, you accept that the installation including removing or destroying existing fixtures or fittings may cause damage to your decorations and fittings in your home. This provision does not exclude the company’s responsibility for damage, which is beyond what is reasonably commensurate with the installation. It is anticipated that certain areas in your home may need redecoration following completion of the central heating installation. This will be your responsibility and is not included in the price.

13. In some cases, we might have to remove things such as tiles, boxing in or boiler cupboards to access pipework, flues or other parts. It is the customer’s responsibility to modify or repair these items.

14. The company accepts no liability for the removal of any carpets, linoleum, and special types of flooring, e.g., tongue and grooved, parquet, hardwood or tiled floors in order to carry out the installation, except in circumstances where the company has been negligent.

15. We can’t guarantee that your new boiler will be compatible with your shower. There’s no way in which we can know that fact in advance.

16. In case a new pipework rerouting is required, then the process will be discussed with you in advance.

17. It is not our responsibility to remove hazardous or dangerous waste. Work might need to be stopped if we encounter any dangerous substances. It falls under the responsibility of the customer to arrange the removal of these substances at their own expense.

18. The prices specified in this agreement do not include the price of removing any dangerous waste materials such as asbestos found when carrying out the installation. If during the execution of the works, asbestos is encountered, the company reserves the right to withdraw its installation staff immediately until the site is made safe. The cost of removing asbestos is not included in the price. However, the company upon request of the customer will provide a cost for removing asbestos and will add this fee to the total quote.

19. The delivery of the products might be delayed due to a shortage in supplies, supplier delays, terrible weather conditions, sickness and other unforeseen events. No compensation will be made to the customer. In the event of a delay, we will not be liable for loss of business or profit.

20. We cannot risk the safety of our engineers. In the case that specialist access equipment is needed, then it will be the responsibility of the customer to provide these equipment at their own expense.

21. Replacing existing valves, radiators and any external components which might be damaged is not included in your package or the contract.

22. In some rare cases, it might be determined that the installation will not take place due to the impossibility of the installation. In such an event we have the right to cancel any order and we will not offer any form of compensation to the customer. However, a refund will be issued.

23. If a 3-meter flue pass is required, then the customer might be charged for the extra material and work needed to finish the job. In case you have an abnormal flue pass, you should contact the company before placing an order.

24. The customer must provide both internal and external access to the property.

25. New pipework routing will be discussed with the customer prior to the installation. The new routing will be planned according to suitability and the engineer’s point of view. It will not be planned for aesthetic reasons. Pipework will not be buried in the ground or inside walls.

26. Your existing relevant infrastructure will be inspected by our engineers to make sure of its suitability and that it meets current standards. If your infrastructure fails to meet the standard, you have the option to improve it and to bring it up to date. You can also cancel your order and a refund will be issued. However, if you want the work to be carried out, then we will not be able to commission the equipment but you would still be required to make a full payment as if the installation has been completed.

27. We try our best to finish the job on hand prior to 6 pm but on certain occasions, overtime might be needed.

28. Changes in the water pressure and damage to existing plumbing might occur after the installation. We are not liable for such changes or damages which might take place due to the incompatibility of existing pipework, showers, taps, valves or any appliances.

29. For safety and health reasons, our engineers must have access to working communication devices. The customer agrees to provide our engineers with access to his telephone or internet connection if our engineer is unable to get mobile phone coverage and reception.

30. Products and building materials have different ranges of colours, textures and the way they look. We are not responsible for these variations. Finding a suitable match might not be possible. We hold no responsibility and shall not be liable to for matching materials.

31. If you place your order and we are unable to deliver or install your new boiler within 12 months due to any prevention on the customer’s part, then the company will be considered to have fulfilled the contract and are entitled to retain any payments paid without a refund and without delivering the products or any service.

32. If something goes wrong with the new equipment during the installation or after, the customer agrees to provide us with time, reasonable opportunities and access to correct such mistakes and errors.

33. Other traders might be required to do some of the work such as an electrician to wire the controls of the new boiler.

34. According to Construction Regulations, workers need to have access to welfare facilities such as a toilet, washing facilities, drinking water and facilities for rest in a warm indoor area. If you wish for the company to find an alternative arrangement for these facilities, then we must be notified earlier.

35. Your order as accepted is subject to the condition that there must be an adequate gas supply to the dwelling prior to the commencement of the work. Without prejudice to the company’s rights where such supply is not laid to enable work to commence, the company may cancel the contract and shall not have any liability for any costs, loss or damage arising from such cancellation. In certain circumstances, the size of the existing gas rate cannot always be determined. If a new gas line is required, this will be charged at our standard hourly rates as set out and will be in addition to the quoted price.

36. Where the company needs to connect new equipment to your existing plumbing or heating system, it will not accept liability for the cost of repairing or replacing parts of your existing system, which subsequently develops faults. In certain situations, the company may charge for visits made to your home by the company’s engineer if your system is faulty or has developed a fault after the installation has been conducted. The company will not accept liability where your central heating system does not function properly because your water supply becomes inadequate, or the water pressure becomes invariable.

37. Let’s Heat accepts no responsibility for any existing installations that are present. This relates not only to any pipework, radiators and radiator valves, heating valves, pumps, shower pumps, electrical controls and/or bathroom / WC services that might be affected as a result of a conversion from a tank-fed system to a sealed system or from power flushing of pipework and radiators. This change to a higher pressure-rated system and power flushing can cause leaks in components that Let’s Heat will not be liable for. Any cost of repairs for which Let’s Heat is not liable will be charged in accordance with our standard company charges. If your system is excessively full of magnetite and sludge, a further power flush might be required at some point later (e.g. 3 years). Further power flushes will be chargeable at our standard power flush rates as shown on our website. Furthermore, if the buyer has requested that an existing appliance be re-installed or moved (e.g. boiler), Let’s Heat accepts no liability for any internal leaks or malfunctions of this boiler, as a direct result of this installation.

The steps of installation:

 1. Your current heating system will be disconnected and removed. To protect your house from any damage we use a dust sheet.

2. We will install your new boiler according to the highest standards. On some occasions, your gas supply pipe will need to be upgraded.

3. Our engineers always work carefully to cause as little disturbance to brickwork as possible.

4. Your system will then undergo the flushing process.

5. Your new boiler and system will be tested by our installers who will not leave the site without ensuring your system is working properly. Safety checks will also be carried out.

6. Our engineers will take pictures of the work they accomplish for our records. These pictures might be used for marketing.

7. Unwanted materials such as packaging, your old boiler, the storage tank, pipework and hot water cylinder will be removed and disposed of properly.

8. If you wish to keep your old materials, then we must be informed in advance so that these items will not be included in the removal agreement.

9. The tank in your loft will not be needed anymore after you convert to a combi boiler. We can remove it if we are requested by the customer to do so. However, in some cases, it will be impossible to remove. In such a case, it will be only decommissioned.

After Installation:

 1. We will notify your council building and Gas Safe after the completion of the installation. This will include a copy of the CP1 gas safety record.

2. Additionally, your new boiler, controller and accessories will be registered with the manufacturer. Some warranties, other than the boiler itself, include parts only.

3. The manufacturer of the product will cover any relevant parts upon the completion of the installation. Rarely, some of the products might not function properly after being installed. However, the manufacturer will be required to attend in the case of a zero-hour failure. The product cannot be replaced by us.

4. In case you face a problem with your boiler during the warranty period, you should reach out to the manufacturer. However, if you have an only-parts warranty of 12 months and haven’t extended it, then you’ll need a third-party engineer to attend and fix your problem.

5. The warranty for a boiler and or cylinder will be covered by the manufacturers as agreed in the quotation. The warranty only applies to the boiler. It does not apply to any existing parts of the system. All other works carried out by Let’s Heat (parts and labour) are guaranteed for 12 months. However, any existing components or pipework not changed

are not included in this guarantee. Furthermore, all boilers need to be serviced annually to remain under warranty. If the warranty becomes void due to the appliance not being serviced, then Let’s Heat accepts no responsibility for this. We will contact our clients to remind them to have it serviced, but the responsibility of having it done lies with the customer.

6. Up to 12 years warranty the length of warranty is dependent on the brand of boiler, the uptake of an annual service by a Gas Safe registered engineer to maintain the warranty and other recommendations including filters and power flush. The warranty period will not be extended even if we repair or replace any product or part.

7. If we replace any component or product, the part or product removed will become our property. Any claim made under the terms and conditions of the warranty must be made within the warranty period.

8. Our warranty does not apply to:

• Fuel lines to the product, plugs or cables.

• Radiators and other space heating equipment, external water, gas and oil pipelines/services, external electric wiring, external pumps, flue-ways, fire valves, filters, water and oil storage tanks.

 Damage caused by theft, tampering, neglect, misuse, accident, fire, flood, explosion, lightning, storms, frost or other bad weather conditions.

• Damage caused by the non-observance of the manufacturer’s user instructions; – Damage to the system as a result of scale, sludge or blockage, this is why we strongly recommend a Power Flush and a limescale reduction filter at the time of installation; – Any unauthorised adjustments made to the product by a third party; –Any upgrading/improvement work required as a result of legislation, (Health & Safety or otherwise) or to meet current standards.

• Boiler de-scaling and chemical cleansing/flushing.

• Bleeding of oil supply pipelines.

• Turning on the product and adjusting switches and controls except following an approved repair under this guarantee.

• Self-maintenance tasks such as re-pressurising and resetting the product, bleeding excess system pressure, and thawing frozen condensate pipes/wastes.

9. The warranty only applies to the boiler, it does not apply to other system components e.g., thermostats, time clocks, motorised valves etc.

10. Guarantees will be null and void if payments aren’t made on the due date.

11. Neither the company nor the manufacturer will be liable to repair or fix damages caused as a result of vandalism, circumstances outside our control or variation in the flow rate of water to any fitted equipment.

12. Any existing controls, timers, towel rails, radiators, pipework, drains, other equipment or other devices are not included in any warranty offered.

13. We are under no obligation to visually inspect or test existing equipment unless it is part of their regulatory duties.

14. Any failure in existing equipment is the responsibility of the customer

 You will be offered a 12-month workmanship warranty after the installation of your boiler. It will cover products that have been installed by us such as pipework or electrical equipment.

Here’s a list of the items which aren’t included in the workmanship warranty: 

• Existing products or parts which the new boiler has been installed alongside.

• Products which haven’t been fitted by Let’s Heat

• Building fabric. This might include roof repairs, plaster, render etc

• Décor & cosmetic repair

• Utility supply issues

• Drainage blockages

• Properties which are used for commercial purposes

• Interference by a third party

• Misuse of equipment, damage (whether accidental be it or deliberate)

• You will be charged with a fee if you report a problem and upon arriving we find out that it was caused by misuse by either the customer or a third party.

Vulnerable Customer Policy:

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our operations don’t have any negative impact on vulnerable customers. For the purposes of this policy, vulnerable customers are customers and prospective customers whose ability or circumstances require us to take extra precautions in the way we sell and provide our services, ensuring they aren’t disadvantaged in any way.

We understand a vulnerable customer to be someone who is especially susceptible to harm, particularly when a business is not acting with appropriate levels of care. Vulnerable customers are individuals who are deemed to be more at risk of ‘detriment’ due to their personal circumstances for a range of reasons, including short-term, long-term, or permanent emotional, mental, physical, financial, or social circumstances.

We recognise that certain groups of customers may be vulnerable. Whilst not all customers in these groups may be vulnerable, we will consider a customer’s individual circumstances where a potential vulnerability is identified. These groups may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Customers with communication difficulties (including learning difficulties and English not being their first language, dyslexia)
  • A customer with a reduction in physical or mental capacity
  • Customers with health issues – illness, whether physical or mental illness, severe or long-term
  • A sudden diagnosis of serious illness to the customer or close family member
  • Personal circumstances of the customer – factors such as financial difficulties, bereavement, caring responsibilities or redundancy
  • The customers age particularly older and younger people. For example, a younger person may be considered inexperienced and the older person may be less technologically able

Our staff are trained to identify vulnerable customers so we can take extra steps to assist outside of our standard procedures. However, it is not always possible to recognise these characteristics. Therefore, if you believe you may fit the criteria for a vulnerable customer, please read this policy and notify us immediately of your particular needs.

As soon we think we may be engaging with a vulnerable customer, whether this is through our identification or you are approaching us, we will:

  • Immediately make a record of this and ensure we adhere to this policy
  • Provide additional opportunities for you to ask questions about the information we have provided
  • Continuously seek confirmation that you have understood the information that has been provided
  • Ask if there is anybody with you who can assist. If not, and we believe this will be beneficial, we will make arrangements to continue with the subject matter at another time
  • Offer you the opportunity to complete the transaction after a period of further consideration

If we can’t help a customer, we will try and make sure that they understand what alternative options are available to them.

If you would like to speak to one of our agents to find out more, please contact us:

By email: [email protected]

By phone: 0330 174 6700


Business Complaint Procedure

Upon receipt of your complaint, the business aims to respond within 5 days.

The business will arrange a convenient date to come and view and/or remedy the situation.

In the unlikely event the business is unable to resolve your complaint having exhausted the business complaints procedure, it may be necessary to use another complaint service. Where the business cannot resolve the complaint to your satisfaction and/or agree to the final resolution requests confirmed to us; and both parties agree a ‘deadlock’ has been reached, you can then escalate your complaint.

All complaints must be submitted by email at ( [email protected] ) or through our Contact Us page (https://letsheat.co.uk/contact-us ) using the enquiry form. A member of staff will review the complaint and respond in due course with feedback and/or a resolution. It is very important as a company we review the complaint in depth which may take some time, but we aim to resolve all complaints and provide any resolutions within 7 days of receiving them. If the complaint includes insurance companies and/or external bodies then the 30 days may increase due to circumstances out of our control. The Company is not liable for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or business opportunity under any circumstances.