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Updated: April 14, 2024

Underfloor heating is a modern method of heating your home, utilizing durable tubing placed beneath your flooring. Its numerous advantages make it a preferable option over traditional radiators. Not only is it cost-effective, but also remarkably efficient. If you’re seeking underfloor heating solutions in Pontypridd, you’re in the right spot. There’s a wide array of options to explore, catering to different preferences and needs. Factors such as your existing heating setup, energy source, and the nature of your project can influence your selection process.

How does underfloor heating work?

In simple terms, underfloor heating transforms your floor into a discreet yet effective heating mechanism. By installing either cables or heating tubes beneath your flooring, heat is emitted efficiently throughout the room. Electric underfloor heating systems utilize cables, whereas warm water systems employ flexible tubing. Compared to radiators, underfloor heating operates at lower water temperatures, covering a larger surface area and thus enhancing efficiency. Additionally, it ensures uniform heating across the entire room, eliminating any cold spots.

Underfloor Heating in Pontypridd

What are the advantages of an underfloor heating system?


Underfloor heating systems offer flexibility, fitting seamlessly into various property types such as new builds, renovations, or extensions. Whether you need heating in a single room, multiple rooms, or even upstairs, underfloor heating can accommodate your needs.

Discreet & Space saving

With underfloor heating, the heating elements are concealed beneath the floor, providing an ‘invisible’ heating solution. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your space but also frees up valuable room by eliminating the need for bulky radiators, making it particularly suitable for compact homes and open-plan living areas.

More efficient

Operating at lower flow temperatures than traditional radiator systems, underfloor heating covers a larger area, delivering effective and efficient heating. Studies show that underfloor heating can be up to 25% more efficient than radiator systems, and this figure can increase to 40% when the system is equipped with a pump.

Environmentally friendly

By consuming less energy as a low-temperature heating system, underfloor heating helps reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a more environmentally friendly home heating solution.

Healthy & safe

Underfloor heating offers a safe heating alternative with no sharp or exposed edges, making it ideal for households with children or elderly individuals. Additionally, it provides consistent heat without creating draughts or stirring up dust, making it suitable for those with allergies.

Design of underfloor heating

Proper design is essential for the optimal performance of an underfloor heating system. Each system is meticulously designed to suit your home’s unique layout and heating needs. We carefully consider factors such as room-by-room heat loss and running efficiency to ensure that your system operates flawlessly. Our goal is to achieve a perfect

balance, delivering consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your home without any cold spots or overheating. Additionally, we tailor the system to allow for individual temperature control in each room, maximizing comfort and energy efficiency. We prioritize using materials efficiently to minimize waste and aim to provide you with a system that achieves peak efficiency while consuming minimal energy.

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The underfloor heating options we offer in Pontypridd

Underfloor heating for new builds in Pontypridd

Installing an underfloor heating system is straightforward, especially when integrated into a new construction project. Moreover, it presents a cost-effective solution for heating your home. Operating at lower temperatures, underfloor heating boasts impressive efficiency. It’s also compatible with renewable heat sources like heat pumps, further enhancing its eco-friendly credentials.

Underfloor heating for renovations in Pontypridd

Whether you’re renovating or upgrading your home, integrating an underfloor heating system into your project is a viable option. Unlike traditional heating systems, underfloor heating can be installed without the need for excavation, making it ideal for retrofitting onto existing floors. This feature is particularly beneficial for properties where ceiling height is a significant consideration.

Underfloor heating for single rooms in Pontypridd

If a full underfloor heating system is not required, then a system can be installed in a certain room of your choice.

Upstairs underfloor heating in Pontypridd

Underfloor heating can be installed both downstairs or upstairs.

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Underfloor Heating in Pontypridd

The range of our underfloor heating

Water underfloor heating system

A water underfloor heating system is often the number one choice for many people because it is simple to install, affordable and very efficient as well.

Electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating can be used to heat small tiled rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms or wet rooms.

How does electric underfloor heating work?

Electric underfloor heating operates by evenly distributing heat throughout the floor, making it an ideal choice for areas like bathrooms and kitchens where waterproofing is essential. This system is directly connected to your electricity supply, powering the heating cable and effectively warming the room from the ground up. Control over room temperature is facilitated through a programmable thermostat, seamlessly integrated with your electric underfloor heating system.

What are the benefits of electric underfloor heating?

  • Electric underfloor heating tends to cost less than a water underfloor heating system.
  • It provides a high heat output to heat hard floor coverings, such as tiles, in a kitchen or bathroom, quite fast.
  • This kind of system is quite easy to install. They cause minimal disruption due to the fact that they are very slim and fit directly over the existing subfloor.

Underfloor heating thermostats

We offer a comprehensive range of underfloor heating thermostats:

  • dial-type thermostats
  • wireless thermostats
  • internet-enabled units with Smartphone control.

Smart thermostats can help you control the heat from different places and they also control your energy consumption. As a result, they can help you save some money on your energy bills.

Why Let’s heat?

We’re Punctual

At our company, simplicity and quality are at the forefront of everything we do. We utilize the latest and most efficient management systems to schedule jobs, confirm appointments, send reminders, issue certificates, and manage billing seamlessly. With our commitment to excellence, we offer next-day installations and emergency services, ensuring prompt responses and quick resolutions to your heating needs.

We Care

Building strong relationships with our customers is our top priority. We take the time to thoroughly understand your heating requirements, ensuring minimal disruption to your home and a noise-free experience during our work.

Experienced Staff

With extensive experience in the heating industry, we have expanded our services nationwide. Our dedicated engineers are not only highly skilled but also friendly and informative. They possess comprehensive knowledge of their trade, offering a wide range of services including boiler installation, maintenance, repair, and service plans. We specialize in all types of boilers, including heat only, system, and combi boilers, as well as heat pumps and central heating systems. Additionally, we provide plumbing services and more, delivering comprehensive solutions to meet all your heating and plumbing needs.

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Do I need to dig up my floor to install underfloor heating?

If you are renovating, then you don’t have to dig up your floors to install underfloor heating.

How long does underfloor heating take to warm up?

An underfloor heating system that is fitted on top of your floors heat up very quickly, whereas a system which is set within a screed might take longer to heat up your home. However, it can retain heat for a longer time and you can also programme it to provide the right amount of required heat.

Is underfloor heating safe and good for your health?

Well, underfloor heating is, without a doubt, healthier and safer than radiators since exposed hot surfaces are hidden and dust traps removed. They are a controlled and comfortable heat source, which can help in eliminating draughts and cold spots around your home.

Can I use underfloor heating with heat pumps?

You will be able to use underfloor heating with heat pumps, due to the fact that both of them work most efficiently at lower temperatures.

Is underfloor heating better than radiators?

Underfloor heating can replace radiators completely, or it can work alongside them as well. This, however, depends on your type of property. New builds are ideal for installing underfloor heating throughout as they can be 25% more energy efficient than radiators.

What is the lifespan of underfloor heating?

It’s worth mentioning that underfloor heating systems have a lifespan of 50 years plus, while the average radiator will only last between 8-12 years before becoming inefficient

Is it worth getting underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is more environmentally friendly than radiators and uses less energy as well. They cost much less in the long run! As long as you have installed it properly, you will be able to save about 25% of the energy you would use with a radiator, and up to 40% when running from a heat pump.