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    Updated: March 19, 2024

    Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Systems 

    There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right air conditioning system for your home or place of business. Some people might go with a portable unit due to their relatively low cost. However, these portable AC units take a lot of your floor space. What is more, they cannot fit quite well with your décor and style. That is why a wall mounted air conditioning system might be a better alternative to portable systems. 

    What are the types of wall mounted air conditioning units? 

    To put it simply, two types of wall mounted systems exist. The main difference between these two types is how cool air is dispersed throughout the house, in addition to what kind of renovations should be made during the installation process of each system. 

    You have a choice between either central A/C and split systems when it comes to wall mounted air conditioning units.  

    Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Systems 

    How do these types of air conditioning work? 

    Both of these types of A/C units operate using a similar two part system. In both types, an external unit is installed, usually in the garden. There is also an internal unit (or series of units) which are mounted on walls inside the house. 

    In the case of central air conditioning, there will be a singular indoors heat exchanger. This is a large machine that can distribute warm or cool air throughout your entire house. Because of its size, the ideal locations for this unit are often either in the basement or loft. 

    What will be connected to this is the outdoors component. For central air conditioning, this unit consists of a compressor and condenser. To put it simply, these components work by pushing refrigerant around the system in order to circulate cool air continually. 

    Different form the strict 2 machine system described here, split systems have 1 external and between 1-5 internal units. In case of more than one internal unit, the split system will be known as a multi-split system. 

    Other than this, the internal and external parts will work in much the same way. The only difference in function is that each internal unit is quite smaller as it isn’t made to service the entire home. As a result, you don’t have to find room for them in your basement or loft. 

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    What is the difference between split system and central air conditioning? 

    When it comes to how these options are installed, there is one major difference. 

    A hole must be drilled next to the wall mounting when split and multi-split systems are installed. This hole will have a diameter of around 3 inches. The cables that connect the internal and external units will run through here. 

    Central air conditioning does not only need a way of feeding cables outside but also ducting and grilles. These components will allow for additional ventilation throughout your home. That is why, in some cases, there will be higher labour costs when this type of wall mounted air conditioning unit is installed. 

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    What is the cost of wall mounted air conditioning units? 

    Due to their increased output and stronger aesthetics, their price is higher than that of a portable A/C unit. here is a table that shows a comparison of the options available. 

    Type of air conditioning Average cost 
    Portable system £400-£2,000 
    Split and multi-split system £1,500-£3,000 
    Central air conditioning £2,000-£6,000 

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    As has been shown, if you are looking for a cheap option then a portable unit is your best option. However, it lacks a lot of the benefits that you can get with wall mounted air conditioning units. 

    Why do wall mounted systems have a high cost? 

    The style and the size of your system play an important role in the price of your new system. However, other factors might influence the cost as well. 

    More labour involved in the installation of these systems due to their complexity.  

    When installing a split system, an installer has to spend time figuring out what are the perfect spots to mount the units on. After that comes the actual installation process. It night take increasingly longer with each internal unit added.  

    What is more, a hole must be drilled for the wiring next to these boxes. As a result, installation can often take a few hours, which will lead to higher labour costs. 

    Central air conditioning is also complex in a similar way. A specialist will need to inspect your loft and basement (if there is one) to find the ideal spot for the internal unit. Following this, ducting and grilles should be installed so that airflow throughout the house is optimal. This process will both take a long time and will require additional materials to be used.  

    It must be said, however, that if these components already exist in your home, then installation costs will be much lower as a result. 

    Moreover, the cost of your wall mounted air conditioning will depend on certain other factors. These might include: 

    • The type of accommodation. Flats can cost more due to the accommodations that must be made for living higher up than houses. 
    • The total output of your system. More powerful models of A/C units will, without a doubt, cost more. 
    • The manufacturer and brand of your new system. Of course, renowned and reliable products will have a premium attached to them. 

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    Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Systems 

    Do wall mounted AC units need to be vented? 

    In models which are installed, such as the wall AC unit, the heat will be quickly released at the back which is outside the building itself. On the other hand, in portable models, you will have to install this vent by yourself. Besides the window, there are other places to install these vents so that they do not make your room hot. 

    How long does it take to install a wall air conditioner? 

    In general, the average installation time will take anywhere from four to eight hours. So the process of removing the old unit and being able to turn on the new one should be finished within a day. 

    What are the benefits of wall mounted air conditioning units? 

    Beyond the range of options available, there are a variety of reasons that wall mounted air conditioning units might be right for you. 

    A variety of reasons can make wall mounted air conditioning units more appealing and suitable to your place of living or place of business. These might be: 

    Quiet operation 

    Noise from your AC can certainly discourage you from having one installed in the first place. But worry not. Wall mounted AC units tend to be quitter than other types. That is why, they are perfect to have in your home or place of business if you are looking for something both efficient and relaxing. 

    Aesthetically more appealing to the eyes. 

    When getting an air conditioner installed in your property, then you will want something that will fit will with your décor. Something that will not ruin the style of your home. Wall mounted AC units can achieve what you are looking for. You can go with a system that you think best suit both your needs and your home’s style.  

    Unlike portable units which will be part of your furniture, wall mounted AC units go high up and will be less noticeable. The distance required for the installation of a wall mounted unit is 7 feet from the ground. This will make them higher than eye level. Different kind of decorations can be used to hide these units.  

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    About us  

    We provide a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers who have the necessary skills to perform an outstanding job. We offer installation services, regular servicing and repairs.  

    A site survey can be made by our staff to suggest the most suitable solution for your business requirements and budget. We know how tiresome and confusing it is to go through all the details and information about air conditioning so that is why we are here to help. 

    We offer a wide range of products to provide you with a tailored quote and service. We offer products from leading manufacturers, each of which would offer you different and unique features to suit what you specifically require. 

    Our team of engineers are reliable and trustworthy. You can always count on us to provide you with an excellent service that will not let you down. Our team of experts work to the highest standards to ensure efficiency. We take the time to understand what our clients exactly require to help them on individual basis. 

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    Are wall mounted AC units worth the money?

    Wall air conditioners tend to have better cooling capacity. With having more BTUs and better fans, wall units can usually cool a room much faster. With internal thermostats, they also can shut off when the room reaches a certain temperature, which will save you money in utility costs and bills. 

    How effective are wall mounted air conditioners?

    Wall-mounted AC units can save up to 30% in cooling costs when compared to window air conditioner units. As a result, you will save both energy and money.  

    Can you leave a wall AC on all day? 

    It is not much of a problem to leave your A/C on all day. However, it is just not ideal for your electric bills. What is more, an A/C running when it isn’t needed does leave an environmental footprint.