Updated: March 22, 2024

In a world characterized by continuous technological advancement, electric storage heaters emerge to redefine the concept of warmth in our homes into a unique and innovative experience.

In a world characterized by continuous technological advancement, electric storage heaters emerge to redefine the concept of warmth in our homes into a unique and innovative experience.

Despite the emergence of modern smart devices, storage heaters maintain their allure with a classic design that combines reliable performance and energy efficiency.

In an era focused on sustainability and comfort, let’s explore the world of electric storage heaters together and how they add a touch of warmth and advancement to our homes in a unique and contemporary way.

What is an electric storage heater?

An electric storage heater operates by storing heat throughout the night and then releasing it during the day. It is known that electricity rates are cheaper during night time so storage heaters will allow you to make the most of it. 

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How do storage heaters work?

In most central heating systems you can find radiators which are connected to it. When you turn on your heating, the boiler will fire up in order to heat up all of your radiators. On the other hand, storage heaters work differently. Each storage heater works on its own. 

Storage heaters will gradually release heat into your rooms. When all the heat has been used, you’ll have to wait for it to charge itself again overnight.

What makes this possible is the fact that storage heaters are made of brick that can hold onto heat for later use. And so during the daytime, heat will be released into your rooms. 

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What are storage heater bricks made from?

Most storage heaters are made of clay bricks. As for other types, they can be made of a feolite brick or ceramic material.

Some people worry that storage heater bricks contain asbestos, but this was true in the 1970s and earlier. This is no longer the case with recent models. What is more, you can recycle the bricks if you are replacing your system.

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How can I keep the running cost of a storage beater down?

Electric storage beaters have both output and input controls. You will need to turn up the input control when you want your beater to store heat, preferably during the night.

You can turn the output up during the day and use heat when you need it. It is recommended that you keep the output at the lowest setting during the night in order to save energy. 

Try to avoid the boost setting during the night when your home feels cold during the day. This setting uses daytime electricity so it can increase your running cost. Instead, you can turn the output to the highest setting. 

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What are the advantages of storage heaters?

There are many benefits to modern storage heaters. These may include:

  • Different controls will allow you to set the heating when it is needed.
  • Modern models are better at holding onto stored heat because they are well insulated. 
  • They are equipped with a fan that can effectively sent heat out into the room.
  • You can control some models with your smartphone because they can be connected to the internet.
  • Modern storage heaters are smaller in size and as a result can save you up some space. 

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What storage heater size do I need?

There is a range of sizes for storage heaters. When we say size we actually mean the amount of heat which can be stored and released into the room. In short, the size of input and output.

Size of the room Heating inputHeating output

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How much does a storage heater cost?

The cost of modern storage heaters is between £500 – £600. The cost will depend on the model, make and the output of the storage heater. 

Do storage heaters consume a lot of electricity?

When they are not used in an efficient manner, then yes storage heaters can consume a lot of electricity. However, if you let your storage heater store heat during the night, when the rates are lower, they can be somehow more efficient. 

What are the disadvantages of storage heaters?

Storage heaters use electricity and electricity is more expensive than gas.